The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch! 

Director Min Yeon-hong
Screenwriter Choi Won
Cast Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, Hong Su-zu
Korean Title 로얄로더
Episodes 12
Genre Revenge drama

The Impossible Heir Plot Overview

In this revenge drama, Kang In-ha is the illegitimate son of Kangoh Group who has been brought up in poverty in a single-parent household. However, when he suddenly learns of his true parentage, he quickly comes up with a plan to take what is rightly his and rise to the ranks in the Kangoh Group to take over the conglomerate. In the process, he recruits his childhood friend Han Tae-oh, a cold-hearted man whose father is a murderer. 

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They begin their plan as they meticulously place themselves in the corporation and front of the Kangho family. With Tae-oh’s brilliant mind and In-ha’s connection to one of the richest companies in the country, these two set out to reach to the top. However, his plan finds a hiccup when he meets Na Hye-won, a woman who has also seen abject poverty in her life as well and has similar dreams to him – to take over Kangoh Group for herself. 

Facing an unknown and unmovable challenge on their path to financial stability and power, In-ha and Tae-ho have to fight tooth and nail to realise their dreams. But, on the way, they also find themselves doubting each other as many of their secrets come to light. 

Actor Lee Jae-wook was last seen in Death’s Game and Alchemy of Souls. Lee Jun-young was last seen in the highly-popular Mask Girl as well as in D.P. and Let Me Be Your Knight. Lastly, Hong Su-zu’s last roles were in Sweet Home 2 and Lovestruck in the City

The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 Preview

The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 Preview

With explosive episodes 7 and 8, there is a lot to take in as we pace ourselves into the new episodes. With In-ah being the true chaebol by using his resources to move people out of his way, it seems the underdogs Tae-oh and Hye-won will be making their way to the top – just to spite In-ah. 

In-ah is blinded by rage and jealousy, he does not see the assets he has in front of him, rather by dismissing Tae-oh and Hye-won as outsiders, he has created a new battlefield where these two will go against him and who knows? Maybe In-ah’s large army is nothing in comparison to the quick minds of Tae-oh and Hye-won. He makes it obvious that he wants to get rid of Tae-oh and keep Hye-won under his thumb but this has added fuel to the fire in their bellies as they come together to take him down. He may think he is 5 steps ahead of them but he may be 10 steps behind as the story progresses. 

Will Tae-oh lose against In-ah? Will Hye-won be able to reach the top? Will Tae-oh be able to teach In-ah a lesson? 

The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch! The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch! 

The Impossible Heir Episodes 7 and 8 Recap

In episode 7, Han Tae-oh finds himself covered in In-ju’s blood as the latter sits lifeless alongside his mistress. The Chairman makes it clear that the news must not leak about Tae-oh. Unfortunately, that does happen eventually, making the Chairman angry at the situation. Tae-oh, on the other hand, tries to prove his innocence but he loses the battle. 

The court hearings begin and Mo Gi-jun acts as the prime witness to the case. He completely changes his game and gives false statements. In-ah acts suspicious as he takes over Tae-oh’s place and tries to get rid of everything Tae-oh has touched. 

The hacker finds something shocking – Mo Gi-jun and In-ah have a connection. Mo Gi-jun’s mother passed away when he was young and In-ah helped him, making him In-ju’s assistant in the end. Hearing it, Tae-oh becomes inconsolable. He realises that In-ah was never on his side and while he held many secrets, In-ah was always one step further. The episode ends with Tae-oh’s verdict.  

The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch! The Impossible Heir Episodes 9 and 10 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch! 

Episode 8 returns to the verdict and hearing that he will be hung, Tae-oh goes berserk. In-ah, on the other hand, goes to the rooftop where Tae-oh and Hye-won used to meet. It becomes obvious that In-ah is aware of all the things that went down between those two.

During his bath, he gets agitated thinking of Tae-oh and Hye-won when the latter walks in. He tries to force himself on her but she pushes him away. This angers him and he chokes her while telling her that she is just a pawn in his game. He chose her because Tae-oh wanted her. 

Hye-won goes back to Tae-oh to tell him that she has changed her dream – she wants to be the owner of Kangoh and remove In-ah from ever reaching the top. Fueled by rage and betrayal, Tae-oh accepts his mission to help her become the owner of Kangoh. At the family dinner, the Chairman announces the decision to put Hye-won as a director at the art foundation. In-ju’s widow shouts out in disagreement but he is quick to put out the fire. 

The episode ends with In-ah and Gi-jun waiting to get the news of Tae-oh’s death (which they planned) while Tae-oh gets lured into an abandoned prison cell. The next day, In-ah visits the hacker’s place.

The Impossible Heir is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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