The Irresistible Heartthrob with and without Glasses

Disney+ original series ‘Moving’ has been drawing explosive attention from the public

‘Moving,’ which premiered on August 9th, continues to generate high levels of excitement each week. As a result, the cast is also receiving a lot of interest. In particular, actor Kim Dohoon has become the center of attention for many.

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'Moving 2' Kim Dohoon

In ‘Moving,’ Kim Dohoon plays Lee Kanghoon, the model student and class president with extraordinary superpowers. He wears glasses in every episode. He portrays an intellectual yet cynical character, adding depth to the drama. 

Loved for his handsome visuals with glasses on among viewers, Kim Dohoon recently gained attention by sharing everyday photos of himself without glasses on his Instagram.

On September 11th, Kim Dohoon posted two photos on his Instagram. In the photos, he flaunts his double eyelids, clear eyes, and high nose bridge without his glasses.

Netizens shared various reactions to Kim Dohoon’s new photos, such as “He gives off really different vibes without the glasses,” “With glasses, he exudes an intellectual aura, but without them, he looks hip,” “He looks handsome both with and without glasses.”

Born in 1998, Kim Dohoon began his acting career in 2018 with the film ‘Gate’ and has appeared in various dramas such as ‘The Law Cafe’ and ‘Today’s Webtoon.’

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