The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Recap and Review: Ro-hee and Myung-joon’s Troublesome Lives Collide

The Kidnapping Day (유괴의 날) is a comedy thriller Kdrama directed by Park Yoo-young and based on the novel of the same Korean name “Yugwaei Nal” by writer Jung Hae-yeon. The drama stars Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sung-hoon, Yu Na, Kim Shin-rok, Kim Sang-ho, and Seo Je-hee alongside other cast members.

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The drama tells the story of a helpless father who accepts the idea of kidnapping a rich kid goes wrong when he finds out that the little one’s parents are dead. The little girl has already lost her memory due to an accident prior to her kidnapping and the man claims to be her father. However, the little girl soon uncovers his web of lies while he tries to investigate what really happened.

The show will have 12 episodes and be broadcast on ENA at the Wednesday-Thursday slot at 9:00 PM KST time slot previously occupied by Longing for YouThe Kidnapping Day episode 1 has a run time of 59 minutes.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A father turned clumsy kidnapper and a genius child working together to uncover the truth behind a series of murders and mysteries.

-The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Recap Contains Spoiler-

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 begins with a mysterious man attacking a doctor in a hospital only to end up harming his daughter. Panic and chaos engulf the hospital while the scene changes Kim Myung-joon waiting in a secluded area in a residential community. Suddenly he gets a call from his ex-wife with whom he has planned a kidnapping when he notices cops nearby and rushes to escape.

However, amidst an argument with his wife on call while he is driving, a girl suddenly appears in front of his car and faints. Panicked, Myung-joon comes out to see if the child is alright only to find out that it is none other than the girl he was here to kidnap. The next day, he calls his ex-wife and tells her about the situation, however, he is disappointed by his wife’s attitude and tells her that he will take care of the situation now.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 still

Upon returning back home, he sees the little girl Choi Ro-hee awake and is surprised to find out that she has no recollection of who she is. The two have an awkward conversation and when asked if he is her father, he agrees to it and tells her that her name is Hee-ae. She then tells him to get food while she looks around to house to familiarise herself.

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Meanwhile, a junk collector sees Myung-joon leave his house and now has his sight on Myung-joon’s house. Myung-joon soon returns however, the awkwardness between the two does not diminish and Ro-hee attitude puts him off. He then leaves and tries to call Ro-hee’s parents but gets no response which leaves him surprised.

Myung-joon once again leaves the house for a while and the junk collector sees this as an opportunity to enter his house. Right then, Myung-joon returns and finds out that he is just a junkman. The man tells him that he was surprised to see Myung-joon living in a redevelopment area as the only occupant and only wanted to collect junk at his house.

Listening to his reasoning, Myung-joon lets him go and tells him to not enter his place again. Later, he makes sure that Ro-hee is comfortable while sleeping when he notices the pictures in the room and takes them down. However, looking at the pictures of his daughter makes him remember the past.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 still

Remembering the day he found out that his daughter had leukaemia and needed surgery, he cannot help but tear up. The next day, Myung-joon makes pancakes for Ro-hee which the latter does not like and complains about the expired flour used for it. Refusing to eat the food, she asks him to make something better and while Myung-joon is angered by her attitude, he does not refuse.

Later, he leaves to buy ingredients for lunch following which he wants to smoke but remembers Ro-hee’s dislike towards the smoke and stops. He then remembers how his ex-wife showed up one day at the hospital and gave him the idea to kidnap Ro-hee in order to save their daughter.

He decides to call his ex-wife only to find out that she is not looking after their daughter but is out having fun. This angers Myung-joon as he rushes to the hospital where he hides from the eyes of the doctor and sees his daughter who has clearly not been taken care of.

Right then the doctor enters the ward and he runs upon seeing her due to the pending bills, but stops when the doctor shouts that they have found a donor for his daughter. Elsewhere, Ro-hee finds out that she is able to understand and speak English which comes as a surprise to her.

Later, in order to understand her life as Hee-ae better, she goes around the locality to find out that they live in an area set for redevelopment. Meanwhile, Myung-joon remembers that Ro-hee is waiting for him to get her food and rushes home to see her hungry. He quickly prepares food and while Ro-hee is still unable to accept the taste, she eats the food due to hunger.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 still

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She then speaks to Myung-joon in different languages and sees that he is unable to understand a word she says which makes her suspicious. Later, he tries contacting Ro-hee’s parents again but gets no response which makes him worried. The next day, Ro-hee and Myung-joon’s bond gets a little better and while not finding the clothes in the wardrobe suitable, she wears them and shares a laugh with Myung-joon.

However, the bruises on her arms shock Myung-joon and make her even more suspicious. Later, Myung-joon asks her to record the words “Dad, I miss you” so that he can take it to her parents but only for the situation to become a joke between them. However, listening to the recorded words, Myung-joon feels guilty and decides to check on why Ro-hee’s parents’ have not responded.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 still

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Ending

Later that night, Myung-joon tucks Ro-hee into bed and leaves to go see what is happening at her house. However, he is surprised to see paramedics, media and a crowd in front of Ro-hee’s house. He soon finds out that the couple have been brutally murdered while their daughter is said to be missing.

Elsewhere, the junkman in Myung-joon’s neighbourhood sees him leave and breaks into his house which wakes up Ro-hee. She is surprised and scared by the noise made outside and wakes up in fear, while Myung-joon is seen rushing back home.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 still

The Kidnapping Day Episode 1 Review

Bringing in a mix of comedy and suspense, The Kidnapping Day has started its 12-week-long journey in an intriguing yet entertaining way. The raw mess seen in both the families is clearly visible and the unexpected connection that is formed is only making this show something that cannot be missed.

However, I’m kind of surprised by a character like Myung-joon who readily accepts his ex-wife’s idea, who had left him three years back with all their saving. Not to stop there, he also kidnaps a little girl and while feeling back the whole time, he doesn’t really do much to send her back home.

On the other hand, Ro-hee is portrayed as a smart child and yet she reveals that she has lost her memory right at the beginning. I’m unsure if this is because she hasn’t really lost her memory or because despite being smart, she is still a child.

Altogether, the plot is definitely intriguing but I would like to see how the characters hold up their personalities throughout the show.

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