The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Recap and Review: The Genius and Her Two Knights

The Kidnapping Day (유괴의 날) is a comedy thriller Kdrama directed by Park Yoo-young and based on the novel of the same Korean name “Yugwaei Nal” by writer Jung Hae-yeon. The drama stars Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sung-hoon, Yu Na, Kim Shin-rok, Kim Sang-ho, and Seo Je-hee alongside other cast members.

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The drama tells the story of a helpless father who accepts the idea of kidnapping a rich kid goes wrong when he finds out that the little one’s parents are dead. The little girl has already lost her memory due to an accident before her kidnapping and the man claims to be her father. However, the little girl soon uncovers his web of lies while he tries to investigate what really happened.

The show will have 12 episodes and be broadcast on ENA at the Wednesday-Thursday slot at 9:00 PM KST previously occupied by Longing for YouThe Kidnapping Day episode 10 has a run time of 62 minutes.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A father turned clumsy kidnapper and a genius child working together to uncover the truth behind a series of murders and mysteries.

-The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Recap Contains Spoiler-

The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 begins with Hye-eun and Jayden having a meeting where the latter understands that it is Hye-eun who was behind the kidnapping and murder. While he wants to take revenge for her disruption, Hye-eun shows him the secret of the pendant and a video of experiments being conducted on Ro-hee which intrigues Jayden.

She then reveals to him that the pendant will reveal the file only with the help of a key which is now in her hands. If Jayden wants the key and the clip of the experiments, he needs to bring her 100 million dollars in cash. With this, she walks away while Jayden prepares the money for the exchange after confirming that there is indeed a hidden drive in the pendant.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 still

Meanwhile, Ro-hee gets the shrimp fried rice she had asked for and begins her plan to escape after triggering her allergies. Seeing the unconscious Ro-hee, Ho-young rushes her to the hospital while the man waiting to have him leave the country shouts at him for delaying their matters.

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Unaware of Ro-hee’s condition, Myung-joon and Sang-yoon come to a truce and begin looking for her at the Sokcho docks. Sang-yoon calls his colleague and gets information about a boat having arrived from Russia. He heads there and gets the information that Ro-hee has been admitted to a hospital.

While Myung-joon and Sang-yoon get further information about the same, Ro-hee cleverly sneaks out of the hospital when Ho-young isn’t looking. Finding Ro-hee missing, he soon tracks her and heads her way while Sang-yoon gets information about the same and heads to their location.

On the other hand, Hye-eun hires some people and is prepared to meet Jayden for the exchange. She later meets him at the parking lot after he has moved the money bag into her car, and hands over the promised items. However, Jayden wants to check the items, but before he can open the drive on the pendant, Hye-eun tries to leave.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 still

He catches hold of her when suddenly the fire alarm goes off and a crowd of people rush into the parking lot. Making use of this chaos, Hye-eun manages to escape the place while Jayden is left behind frustrated. Back at the factory where Ro-hee is hidden, Ho-young catches a peek at her and tries to get hold of her by saying words to get her out of hiding.

Right then, Myung-joon arrives and tells her to keep hiding while Sang-yoon attacks Ho-young. The two get into a brawl while Myung-joon escapes with Ro-hee. Ho-young too escapes when he hears the police sirens and leaves Sang-yoon to follow Myung-joon.

Upon meeting the duo, Sang-yoon assumes that they will now go to the police station with him when Myung-joon starts apologizing and Ro-hee injects him with a tranquillizer. Sang-yoon later wakes up in hiding where Myung-joon reveals that this is Ro-hee’s idea while Sang-yoon reveals that he is on suspension.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 still

She asks for him to let Myung-joon be hidden until the mess outside is over and Sang-yoon agrees. On the other hand, Hye-eun is prepared to leave the country, however, unknown to her Jayden has found the men she contacted and is aware of her plan to leave. Meanwhile, Sang-yoon and Myung-joon have a conversation regarding Ro-hee and how revealing the truth will harm her later.

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Sang-yoon then asks Myung-joon what he would do about Hye-eun because there is a high chance of her being involved in the murder and kidnapping case. Myung-joon promises to go along with what Ro-hee decides. Elsewhere, Hye-eun enjoys the luxuries that she has attained from Jayden’s money when a call from the hospital momentarily shakes her up.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Ending

The next day, Sang-yoon’s captain speaks of his dissatisfaction regarding the kidnapping case being handed over to another team and decides to stand with his team. Meanwhile, Jayden finds out that the file can open only on one device which is Choi Jin-tae’s laptop.

Elsewhere, Ro-hee reveals to Sang-yoon that she cannot remember anything from the 20th which was the day before her kidnapping. Her father always made sure to keep her asleep for not more than eight hours, however, this did not happen on the 20th. This means that someone else had a hand in putting her to sleep and this can be a clue for them.

While they discuss this, Myung-joon cannot help thinking about Hee-ae and also about Hye-eun whose actions have surprised him. He asks Sang-yoon to take care of Ro-hee while he meets them alone and Sang-yoon puts his trust in him that Myung-joon will not leave without Ro-hee.

Myung-joon moves from there while elsewhere, Jayden kills Ho-young after getting the order from the higher-ups. Meanwhile, Hye-eun converts the money into cryptocurrency after which she receives a call from Myung-joon to meet.

The next day, the two meet at a church.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 still

The Kidnapping Day Episode 10 Review

Episode 10 had our little Ro-hee reunite with Myung-joon and also gave us the chaotic yet soft-hearted duo of Myung-joon and Sang-yoon. These two are really strong-minded yet soft-hearted men who really care about the genius child Ro-hee.

This trio is really what I’ve been waiting for and I hope to get this trio’s content by the end of the show. On the other hand, the secrets of the pendant, the higher-ups who make decisions for Jayden and the future that is still blurred to Ro-hee; we have a lot happening this week already.

As we slowly move towards the finale week of the show, there is only more to come and the secret behind what happened on the 21st is not far. What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments below!

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