The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Recap and Review: A Mysterious Case and Doubts

The Kidnapping Day (유괴의 날) is a comedy thriller Kdrama directed by Park Yoo-young and based on the novel of the same Korean name “Yugwaei Nal” by writer Jung Hae-yeon. The drama stars Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sung-hoon, Yu Na, Kim Shin-rok, Kim Sang-ho, and Seo Je-hee alongside other cast members.

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The drama tells the story of a helpless father who accepts the idea of kidnapping a rich kid goes wrong when he finds out that the little one’s parents are dead. The little girl has already lost her memory due to an accident before her kidnapping and the man claims to be her father. However, the little girl soon uncovers his web of lies while he tries to investigate what really happened.

The show will have 12 episodes and be broadcast on ENA at the Wednesday-Thursday slot at 9:00 PM KST time slot previously occupied by Longing for YouThe Kidnapping Day episode 2 has a run time of 59 minutes.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A father turned clumsy kidnapper and a genius child working together to uncover the truth behind a series of murders and mysteries.

-The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Recap Contains Spoiler-

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 begins with the discovery of Choi Jin-tae and his wife’s bodies by their housekeeper who then called the police after witnessing the horrifying scene inside the house. The police soon gather and Detective Park Sang-yoon begins investigating believing them to be the result of two different cases. Suddenly, their attention falls on the couple’s missing daughter and another issue starts for the team.

Elsewhere, Myung-joon rushes to destroy the car after witnessing the scene near Ro-hee’s house while Ro-hee tries to escape the junk collector. Meanwhile, Myung-joon finally reaches home but sees that something has happened and rushes out to find Ro-hee and accidentally calls her by her real name.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 still

On the other hand, Ro-hee is captured by the junk man and he places her in his cart before dragging her away. However, he comes across Myung-joon and the latter gets suspicious and finds Ro-hee in the cart. The two then engage in a brawl during which the junkman pushes the cart down a slop while Myung-joon runs behind it to save Ro-hee.

Luckily he saves Ro-hee on time but ends up unconscious for a while. During this time, he remembers when his ex-wife Seo Hye-eun brought the kidnapping idea to him. Her words poked his distressed self at that time which led him to unwillingly follow with her plan.

He then wakes up on Ro-hee’s call who then shows the fear she felt before telling him to never leave her alone again. Elsewhere, Detective Sang-yoon sees that the case is more complicated than it seems as the team finds a lab and operation theatre in the house adding to the removed CCTV cameras.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 still

While he presents the situation to his senior, footage from a nearby CCTV shows Myung-joon taking Ro-hee away. With no information about what happened next, the focus now becomes finding Ro-hee. The next day, Myung-joon packs up his and Ro-hee’s bags and decides to turn himself in to the police thus, returning Ro-hee.

He leaves behind a voicemail for Hye-eun while taking her to the hospital where Hee-ae is admitted to see her for one last time. Meanwhile, the police arrive at Choi Jin-tae’s workplace and inquire about him with one of his colleagues. The man tells them that Jin-tae had been a workaholic who was getting into fights with his wife recently. He had also made plans to go to Singapore soon.

The detectives find out that Jin-tae had indeed booked tickets for Singapore, however, they were only for him and his daughter. On the other hand, Myung-joon is shocked to find out that his daughter’s medical bills have been paid and she will soon be getting surgery. Thus, he decides to put off his plans until the day of the surgery.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 still

Elsewhere, the police find the burnt car with the burner phone used by Myung-joon inside with its sim card intact. They find out that the phone only made calls to another burner phone and Choi Jin-tae after his murder. Later, Detective Sang-yoon finds the person who removed the CCTVs and finds out that this was a request made by Choi Jin-tae.

While Sang-yoon still has doubts about the CCTV company employee, he only takes his alibi and information about the friend he spent time with on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, Myung-joon brings Ro-hee to a street food stall to give her “good food” while he leaves to talk to Hye-eun.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Ending

The two argue about the current situation and Myung-joon brings up the date of their daughter’s surgery which Hye-eun fails to understand. But before he can go on about it, the scream of the stall owner diverts his attention and he sees an unconscious Ro-hee which makes him panic.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 still

He rushes her into the hospital where Hee-ae is admitted and worries for her safety. However, he is sent to register which makes him panic into filling out Hee-ae’s details in the form. Luckily, the system has an error and he is given a temporary slip. But the doctors notice the bruises on Ro-hee’s arms and suspect child abuse which makes them call the police.

Ro-hee soon wakes up and understands what is happening, thus, takes her clumsy “father” to escape the hospital and the police. The two successfully escape from the police, however, their information is soon connected with Choi Jin-tae’s case and now Sang-yoon warns everyone to move carefully as they do not want to trigger the kidnapper who has them confused.

Meanwhile, Ro-hee has picked the oddity in Myung-joon and confronts him about her name before demanding to know what is happening.

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Review
The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 still

The Kidnapping Day Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 brings the end of the premiere week of this mystery thriller and has definitely done better in explaining the overall situation to viewers. An ex-wife who made use of Myung-joon’s weakness at the right time, there is no doubt that Hye-eun is creating more doubts for us and making herself an intriguing character.

Meanwhile, Ro-hee’s alert character is slowly showing up better while Myung-joon is showing that he cannot get any more clumsy. But Myung-joon’s character fits with his overall situation as he isn’t someone who can calmly handle the situation he is in.

However, Ro-hee’s handling of the situation is making her a very interesting character and the bruises on her arms have another tale to tell. Overall, this show has only just begun and it has already brought questions for viewers.

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