‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 6: Did Park Hae Jin Arrest the Real Gaetal?

“The Killing Vote” showed huge progress as the Nambu Police got on with the ongoing investigation regarding the cast. However, Kim Moo Chan and Joo Hyun, played by Park Hae Jin and Lim Ji Yeon, show signs of doubt regarding the new suspect.

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The Killing Vote

(Photo : SBS) Park Hae Jin | The Killing Vote

Based on the hit webtoon, the crime-thriller K-drama depicts the story of a mysterious masked man who goes after serial killers and suspects of heinous crimes.

Although they managed to get away with the authorities, the masked man, whom the public named Gaetal, executed them by launching a public vote.

Among the individuals assigned to this is Park Mo Chan of the Nambu Police, who works alongside the Cyber Crime Unit group, led by Joo Hyun, to trace the real identity of the suspect.

‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 6 Recap

“The Killing Vote” Episode 6 continues where the previous episode left off, particularly the case of Captain Oh, who turned out to be doctor Oh Jung Ho.

Following the commotion at the hospital, Kim Moo Chan and the police attempt to stop the possible murder without hurting any civilians.

The Killing Vote

(Photo : SBS)

Meanwhile, the police are worried about Kwon Seok Joo, who lost his tracker amid the incident. They thought that he would use this as an opportunity to escape. Instead, he found Joo Hyun and saved him from the attacker, who happens to be an accomplice of Gaetal and used to be the one delivering parcels to Professor Kwon’s home.

As for Captain Oh, he used Kim Ji Hoon as his hostage to get away with the murderer, who pretended to be from the bomb department. Right in the nick of time, Kim Moo Chan intervened and tried to negotiate the situation.

On the other hand, Professor Kwon sensed that Moo Chan was ready to kill the suspect, and to prevent this, he triggered the sprinkler, prompting Moo Chan to fire at the suspect.

The Killing Vote

(Photo : SBS)

The Killing Vote

(Photo : SBS)

Unfortunately, Captain Oh died on the spot but managed to capture the man whom they believe Gaetal is.

Although the authorities announced that Gaetal had been captured, Kim Moo Chan believed that this was not the end.

He managed to get vital information from the person who they discovered, a former military officer named Jung Jin Wook. He revealed that a person whom he never saw face-to-face has been contacting him and instructing him to do the dirty work.

He agreed because he was in favor of what he was asking. This is also to avenge his girlfriend, who Captain Oh abused.

However, after a series of investigations, Kim Moo Chan and Joo Hyun were sure that Jin Wook was not Gaetal. The evidence led them to the assemplywoman’s son, Lee Min Soo, who is the neighbor of Kwon Seok Joo.

Min Soo’s brother, who is mentally challenged, was accused of killing Kwon’s daughter but was deemed innocent by the court.

In the last scene, Kwon Seok Joo, Park Moo Chan, and Lee Min Soo unexpectedly saw each other at the police station.

On the other hand, a video of Gaetal acknowledging the assemblywoman as “mom” flashed on the screen.

‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 7 Release Date

Airing once a week, “The Killing Vote” episode 7 is set to air on September 21, Thursday.

Viewers will get to watch the newest episode via SBS, Wavve, and Prime Video.