The Killing Vote Episode 6 Review/Recap: A Killer is Caught, But Is it Enough?

The Killing Vote (국민사형투표) is a crime-thriller Korean drama series directed by Park Shin-woo, written by Jo Yoon-young and based on the webtoon of the same name by Uhm Se-yoon and Jung Yi-pum. The series stars Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong and Lim Ji-yeon in lead roles. The Killing Vote episode 6 has a runtime of 71 minutes.

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– The Killing Vote Episode 6 Review Contains Major Spoilers –

The Killing Vote Plot

The crime drama series follows a mysterious man who doles out punishment to the most heinous criminals in the country who fall through the cracks of the justice system. His M.O. includes sending a text message when a criminal doesn’t face justice and citizens over the age of 18 can vote on whether or not they should die. If the results in favour of punishment receive 50% or more votes, then this mysterious figure, who operates through the internet, shows the said criminal a taste of the consequences of their actions. With such a dangerous precedent being set, Kim Moo-chan, Kwon Seok-joo and Joo Hyeon get embroiled in a wild chase to figure out who the punisher is.

The Killing Vote Episode 6 Recap

Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6

The Killing Vote episode 6 starts right after last week’s episode – Mu-chan ploughs into the hospital with his car after the gates refuse to open, Seok-joo and Hyun run into the delivery man as he makes a run for it, and Gaetal’s spy tries to get Jung-ho to open the door, but when that doesn’t happen, he pumps gas inside the room to slowly kill him and Ji-hoon.

As Mu-chan desperately tries to find everyone and get everything under control, Seok-joo knocks the deliveryman down and hands him over to the police when they get there. Elsewhere, Mu-chan walks in on Gaetal’s spy holding a gun to Jung-ho, as the latter holds Ji-hoon hostage and threatens to kill him if the spy hurts him. Just then, Ji-hoon makes a run for it, the two men fight with each other, and just as Jung-ho is about to get stabbed, Mu-chan runs in and stops them.

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Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6

Mu-chan tries to negotiate so that he lets Jung-ho go, but unfortunately, just as Seok-joo makes the water sprinklers go off, the spy kills Jung-ho and gets shot by Mu-chan. In the end, they successfully capture the culprit, but Jung-ho dies, and Ji-hoon looks traumatised by everything that happened to him. Later on, Mu-chan tries to beat up Seok-joo for triggering the sprinklers, but Hyun stops him thanks to the media flooding in.

Mu-chan interrogates the man later on, who apparently doesn’t have fingerprints and refuses to tell him his name or anything else of importance. However, he does recognise the marks on his body that Mu-chan himself carried out in the scuffle at Seok-joo’s home. He tells Jin-soo that the guy is Jung Jin-wook, Lieutenant Lim, Captain Oh’s victim’s fiance. Either way, they decide to run DNA tests to figure out his identity for sure. Meanwhile, Hyun takes Seok-joo to his home to look around as thanks for saving her life at the hospital. While there, they discuss understanding Gaetal’s point of view and the biased nature of judgement in Korea.

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Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6

Meanwhile, Mu-chan is full of rage at the police disbanding the task force since they have now caught Jin-wook. Although Mu-chan is sure that this isn’t Gaetal, his superior refuses to go further with this topic and instead, asks him to send Seok-joo back to prison once more. On the other hand, the team is still going through footage to understand Jin-wook’s whereabouts before the murder, and Jin-soo catches a car in the hospital parking lot on the day of the murder whose passenger never got out of the car.

As he rushes to meet Mu-chan, the latter is talking to Hyun and hearing the recording of her conversation with Seok-joo at her house. Afterwards, he instructs her to send Seok-joo back, and she enquires why he hates him so much. However, Mu-chan tells her that she is being fooled if she believes a word that he is saying. Meanwhile, Jin-soo tells Mu-chan that Ji-young’s son Lee Yun-seong was at the hospital at the time of the incident, leaving Mu-chan stumped.

He later meets Seok-joo and tells him that he will set a trap for Gaetal when he least expects it since he’s not the type of person to stop anything for anyone else. Seok-joo exclaims that Mu-chan has always been like this – always setting traps. He asks him who the second accomplice was in Na-rae’s death, and it seems like although Mu-chan has an inkling about the murderer, he won’t tell Seok-joo the identity. Seok-joo presses the matter further, enquiring whether he really isn’t Gaetal, and Mu-chan insists that he isn’t.

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Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6

Seok-joo then tells him that if he is Gaetal and suspects the person involved in Na-rae’s death as the person who is doing this, then he should tell him and not miss catching him this time. Because if he does, Seok-joo promises never to forgive Mu-chan again. As Hyun keeps an eye on the conversation and takes notes, Mu-chan tells Seok-joo something quietly in such a way that she is unable to overhear, leaving her angry. After Mu-chan leaves the cell, Seok-joo looks utterly defeated.

The next day, as Hyun takes Seok-joo back to prison, Mu-chan gets Yoo-jung’s father to meet Jin-wook in order to get him to talk, but their heartbreaking conversation over the misfortune of losing someone they love turns out to be utterly gut-wrenching. However, he does tell Mu-chan that they have an accomplice. Meanwhile, Hyun goes through Na-rae’s case files and comes across Min-soo’s name, previously known as Lee Yun-seong, who was an eyewitness. That night, she goes through Min’s phone and finds the video that she took of Min-soo paying the students for the images and videos that they took of Uhm Eun-Kyung’s death.

Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6

Hyun immediately starts trying to hack Min-soo’s computer, who looks really happy that his computer is hacked. He immediately blocks the attempt, which leaves Hyun rather angry. At the police station, Jin-wook spills the beans about the plans and names his accomplice as “Number One Fan”, the guy who has been sending Seok-joo the letter. Jin-wook further tells Mu-chan that Number One Fan told him that he admired Seok-joo, but the latter will hate him because he destroyed the person Seok-joo loved the most.

Meanwhile, Hyun comes face to face with Min-soo after her tyre goes flat; while at the police station, the team discusses Min-soo’s possible involvement in the case. As the police figure out Min-soo’s many talents, Hyun gets a lift from Min-soo, who decides to take her hostage. Thankfully, Ji-soo calls him right in the middle of making a getaway with her and asks him to accompany Ji-hoon to the police station for a statement. Hyun takes this opportunity to mention that Min-soo is taking her to the police station, saving her from probably ending up in a ditch.

The Killing Vote Episode 6 Ending

That night, Ji-young casually asks Min-soo why he is killing people, and he takes it quite well – even mentioning that he has a gift for her. Both of them look very casual having this conversation. The next day, Ji-hoon and Min-soo go to the police station as instructed while Seok-joo comes back to the station ending in him and Min-soo coming face to face. Meanwhile, Ji-young gets a message from “Gaetal” asking him whether she wants a Killing Vote.

The Killing Vote Episode 6 Review

Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6
Still From The Killing Vote Episode 6

I think we can rejoice for a moment that Min was stopped from rushing right in the midst of a hostage situation by a member of the police force. Although we get too much of the sisters throwing temper tantrums, I think Hyun’s outbursts are more acceptable. I don’t understand Min’s involvement yet; maybe Ji-hoon’s involvement is enough to rope her into very difficult situations for no reason.

Other than that, with 6 episodes to go, I am very confused about what we are supposed to do now that we know who Gaetal is. Maybe figuring out why two grown men have beef with each other will require more attention than a serial killer with a particular mean streak. I am also interested to understand Ji-young’s thought process here, but again, that’s not a serious issue. That being said, the series is quickly losing steam. Although there are some moments that are more investing than others, I would say that overall, the intrigue has gone down quite a lot. Maybe the upcoming episodes will throw a curveball and shake things up. But till then, we are stuck with a very mediocre show at best.

The Killing Vote will air every week on SBS in Korea as well as on Amazon Prime Video in select regions.

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