“The Killing Vote” Episodes 5 and 6 Apprehend An Accomplice, Reveal The Real Culprit

The true villain takes center stage in the recent developments of The Killing Vote!

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It seems the people from Professor Kwon’s daughter’s murder case are reuniting as The Killing Vote indulges the public’s interest with its interesting premise.

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The Killing Vote

The Killing Vote Episode 5 and 6 Highlights

Professor Kwon strikes a deal for his temporary release to help with the killing vote case. Pressed with the urgency of the situation, Mu-chan agrees to Professor Kwon’s pardon request.

After securing him to his cell, he also asserts Joo Hyun to be his messenger. The team works on the possible target of Gaetal’s “killing vote” by rounding up sexual offenders.

“The moment people know you’re here; your special pardon will be cancelled.”

After Gae-tal announced the target, the police team received a call from a pastor who thought he was the target. Mu-chan also orders Joo Hyun to allow Professor Kwon to join them as a hunting dog.

Now, the doctor whom Min previously saw sexually harassing a patient also thinks he is the target. However, the first team went to the pastor claiming the deed.

Joo Hyun who deduced Captain Oh is an ER doctor went to the hospital with the professor and his guard. Mu-chan also realizes the same and head to where Doctor Oh is.

At that same moment, Doctor Oh discovers Ji-hoon who was there for a follow-up check. Joo Hyun asks the patients for a routine check as Professor Kwon sees someone familiar. He alerts Joo Hyun but the suspicious delivery guy escapes so she runs after him.

Checking on the package left by the delivery man, it turns out to be a bomb. In chaos, Professor Kwon takes the opportunity to escape. Curiously, Teacher Lee who was outside of the hospital picks up Professor Kwon’s disappearance.

The mayhem in the hospital erupts as Mu-chan drives a police car to open the gate that was locked remotely by the culprit.

On the cusp of being hit by the delivery man that Professor Kwon is acquainted with, Joo Hyun is rescued by the professor.

The Killing Vote

“We both know the real Gaetal has not been caught. We’ll pretend we stop the investigation and set up a trap.”

Captain Oh uses Ji-hoon as a hostage to try to evade the culprit pretending to be a member of the EOD squad. On a standstill, Professor Kwon who arrived with Joo Hyun and the rest of the team uses the sprinkler on the floor.

However, the culprit who actually wants to avenge his dead ex-lover who was sexually harassed by Doctor Oh managed to fatally kill the doctor.

Knowing the culprit they caught is just an accomplice, Mu-chan gets furious with his senior for deciding to wrap up the case. He relays the same information to Professor Kwon who chides how he resorts to another trap like he did before. Professor Kwon asks who the other DNA trace from his daughter’s case belongs to but Mu-chan remains silent about it.

Joo Hyun who was deciphering their conversation through lip reading failed to get a piece of crucial information. But her curious mind leads her to discover Lee Yun-seong, the son of Assemblywoman Min who stood as witness to the murderer of Professor Kwon’s daughter.

Lee Yun-seong has also changed his name to Lee Min-soo who turns out to be Min and Ji-hoon’s teacher. Proceeding to delve more into her recent discovery Joo Hyun visits Min’s school only to meet and drive with Teacher Lee.

Both confirming their ideas about each other, Joo Hyun finds an escape when Teacher Lee receives a call from the police which she has used for an escape route.

The next day, Teacher Lee accompanies Ji-hoon to the police and Mu-chan plays his card by bringing Professor Kwon into the vicinity.

The Killing Vote Episode 5 and 6 Musings

We know the sick mother-daughter duo in The Killing Vote is evil incarnate. Their psychopathic tendencies individually are alarming. More so, if they combine it. As previously hinted, most likely the man Professor Kwon killed was not his daughter’s real murderer but Yun-seong.

But Assemblywoman Min used her power and connection to make her son be absolved of the crime. How justice can be fair resonates in the faint and evident messages of this series so far. In the remaining episodes, we shall see how this reality can be twisted or serve its real purpose.

As the story progresses, we can see the history repeating itself involving the same people in the case of Professor Kwon’s murdered child. The twist here is we don’t know when Teacher Lee’s hero-worshipping tendency toward Professor Kwon started and what was the reason why his daughter was murdered.

Eventually, this baffling scenario will unfold in the second half of the series,

Can Mu-chan finally solve the mystery of these link cases? Will Joo Hyun be in danger now from Teacher Lee and his mother’s evil wrath?

Rivet on how The Killing Vote unfolds its interesting story on SBS every Thursday. International fans can watch it on Prime Video.

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