The Mantis Kdrama: Ji Chang-wook Books French Thriller Remake, Deets Inside

Ji Chang-wook has been booked and busy for quite some time now, and adding on to that pile of treat for his fans is the upcoming The Mantis Kdrama. On January 9, South Korean media outlets confirmed that the Welcome to Samdal-ri actor has been confirmed as the male lead in the series that is set to be a Korean remake of the French thriller series, La Mante, now streaming on Netflix.

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Presently, Chang-wook is starring alongside Shin Hye-sun in the slice-of-life romance series Welcome to Samdal-ri, being aired on JTBC since December 2023. Right Before that, he’d just wrapped up the Disney+ action thriller series Worst of Evil with Wi Ha-joon and Im Se-mi. Here’s what has been revealed about The Mantis series as per the new revelation.

What Do We Know About The Mantis Kdrama So Far?

K-media source, Ten Asia, broke the news that Chang-wook has been casted as the leading man of the thriller project that’s likely to go intro production within 2024 itself. Prior to this announcement, it had also been reported that the Mask Girl actress Go Hyun-jung was also in talks to be roped in as the female lead of the new project. If that is to be confirmed in the future, then we can expect her to star alongside Chang-wook in the novel series that is to be backed by the production banners of Merry Christmas and Megamonster.

The Mantis Kdrama - Go Hyun-jung
Go Hyun-jung in Mask Girl (Netflix).

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The original French series, La Mante, premiered on Netflix in 2017, and it centres around the misdemeanours of a psychopathic character mimicking the murder style of an infamous serial killer, named ‘The Mantis’. Ultimately, the police leans on the unlikely source of the original terrorising figure’s (otherwise known as Jeanne Deber – kept in isolation since the arrest) expertise to nab the copycat murderer.

However, Deber raises one condition before convening with them, that she will only speak to her estranged son, aka the detective leading the crime operations team, about it all. Thereafter, her son is left with no other alternative but to come face to face with his mother in order to successfully hunt down the killer they’re after in present day.

Other details about the thriller K-drama, it’s finalised cast and crew are yet to be revealed. In addition to having secured a primary role in The Mantis Korean remake, Ji Chang-wook is also set to star in the historical TVING series Queen Woo, expected to release this year. Moreover, he’s reportedly been booked as the leading cast member of the Sculptured City Kdrama series, for which he will supposedly be joining hands with EXO D.O. aka Doh Kyung-soo. Read about the series here.

Check Out Ji Chang-wook in Welcome to Samdal-ri

Welcome to Samdal-ri is currently streaming on Netflix for international viewers.

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