‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon’ Episode 1: Wi Ha Joon Reunites With Jung Ryeo Won

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tvN introduces the newest drama, “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon,” starring Wi Ha Joon and Jung Ryeo Won.

Directed by Ahn Pan Seok of “Something in the Rain,” the weekend series depicts the story of Seo Hye Jin (Jung Ryeo Won), an instructor at one of the well-known academies in Daechi.

After years of teaching, she reunites with her former student, Lee Joon Ho (Wi Ha Joon). A hall of famer in the academy, he unexpectedly returns to the hagwon in hopes of becoming an instructor. This is where he and Seo Hye Jin reunite and soon become colleagues.

Apart from this, Lee Joon Ho is set to meet his unrequited first love, Seo Hye Jin.

‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon’ Episode 1 Rating: Romance Drama’s Pilot Chapter Off To A Good Start

As the romance K-drama aired its pilot episode, “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” scored an impressive viewership.

In a report, the romantic K-drama recorded an average nationwide rating of 5.2%, making it the first place in its time slot.

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As for the metropolitan areas, the series received an average of 6.3%, and the highest was 8%.

‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon’ Episode 1 Recap: Seo Hye Jin Meets Favorite Student After 10 Years

“The Midnight in Hagwon” Episode 1 opened by showcasing the day-to-day life of Seo Hye Jin as a top-notch instructor at the famous academy.

In one of the scenes, she briefly met three Chanyeong High School students’ parents, who request her to undertake private tutoring for their children.

However, because of her jam-packed schedule, she couldn’t accommodate further lessons, but she assured the parents that the new school teacher would prepare the students for the exam.

As for Lee Joon Ho, he saw an advertisement for Daechi Chase Academy featuring Hye Jin as their endorser. He smiled as he recalled the former teacher.

The next day, the academy’s director announced that they would have upcoming recruiter auditions for new instructors at the academy.

In “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon,” the story depicted how dedicated Seo Hye Jin is to her students. She was curious why her student, Ha Yul, was crying over her test results.

As the student explained her side, Hye Jin noticed that there were two possible correct answers to question 11, and one of them was Ha Yul’s answer.

She urged her student to talk to the teacher and explain her reasoning regarding the answer, which she did, but the outcome wasn’t as expected.

This was where Seo Hye Jin jumped in and personally talked to the school teacher, Pyo Sang Seob.

Unfortunately, the new teacher was rude towards Seo Hye Jin for questioning the exam. He got so frustrated that he couldn’t help but grab her by her shoulders and call her insulting words like “parasites.”

After the incident calmed down, Seo Hye Jin got an invitation from Pyo Sang Seob. During their conversation, he apologized and explained that he got carried away. He also said that he agreed to allow the students to retake their exams.

Before the pilot episode ended, Seo Hye Jin is stunned after seeing her former star student Lee Joon Ho apply at their academy.

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During a conversation, Hye Jin asked Joon Ho to rethink if he really wanted to become an instructor.

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Because of his financial status, he was determined to make a career change and to succeed as an instructor.