‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon’ Episode 2: Jung Ryeo Won Prevents Wi Ha Joon From Joining the Academy

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“The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” Episode 2 focused on Wi Ha Joon’s determination to fulfill his plan to become an instructor. Despite the setbacks, he wanted to become one of the newest Daechi Chase instructors for one reason.

After “Queen of Tears” wrapped up, creating a huge craze among K-drama fans, tvN introduced their newest romance series, starring Wi Ha Joon and Jung Ryeo Won.

Directed by Ahn Pan Seok of “Something in the Rain” and “One Spring Night,” the weekend K-drama remained consistent in terms of viewership.

In a report, “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” Episode 2 has maintained a 5.2% rating. In addition to this, the romance K-drama scored first place in its time slot.

‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon’ Episode 2 Recap: Lee Joon Ho Enters Daechi Chase as Instructor

Seo Hye Jin realized that Lee Joon Ho might be wasting his time and effort if he continued to become an instructor at Daechi Chase.

After she learned that her former star student was leaving his high-paying job to teach, Hye Jin quietly prevented him from doing this by convincing her colleague and Joon Ho’s former English teacher to give him a good remark on his audition.

However, Lee Joon Ho swooned the panelists with his charm and skill in teaching, which made him gain favorable feedback, especially from the director.

Seo Hye Jin tried to convince Joon Ho not to continue his plan by demotivating him with an idea of what a teacher looked like.

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Unfortunately for Hye Jin, it seemed like he has decided to have a career shift.

Speaking of a career shift, Lee Joon Ho also revealed to his parents that he quit his job and went to start a new career.

Since he was now in a stable company and graduated from a top-tier university, his parents were disappointed with his decision.

After the evaluation during the audition, Lee Joon Ho became one of the newest instructors in the academy. He then received an offer from the director regarding their plans to make him their endorser.

Joining Seo Hye Jin, Daechi Chase would highlight Lee Joon Ho’s story, showcasing his transition from being a star student to Daechi Chase’s newest instructor.

In addition, his success story would also attract more students to join the academy.

The director also revealed that he will be joining Seo Hye Jin in their advertisements and campaign. Of course, Lee Joon Ho gladly accepted this.