“The Midnight Romance In Hagwon” Releases Teasers of Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Jun’s 10-Year Connection

Sharing still cuts of its lead stars, the new tvN weekend series foreshadows the change in their relationship.

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon depicts the exciting and sweet midnight romance between star instructor Seo Hye-jin (Jung Ryeo Won) and Lee Jun-ho (Wi Ha Jun), a cheeky student who appears as a new instructor. The romance that comes when night falls in Daechi-dong, as well as the colorful stories of academy instructors you didn’t know about, unfold interestingly.

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The Midnight Romance in Hagwon is a new work of Director Ahn Pan Suk famed for his works, Something in the Rain, One Spring Night and Secret Love Affair.

Pairing up Hye-jin, a “first love character” and Lee Jun-ho, “a provocative young man” adds excitement to this anticipated drama.

Jung Ryeo Won plays Seo Hye-jin, a star instructor of 14 years. She has solid strength and is a quiet fighter who does not give up. Just as she was thinking about her past dreams and life after leaving the academy, Lee Jun-ho, a cheeky student whom he had put all her effort into sending to a prestigious university, brings about an unexpected deviation in her reality.

Wi Ha Jun portrays Lee Jun-ho, a new instructor who returns after 10 years and stirs up teacher Seo Hye-jin’s daily life and mind. Lee Jun-ho throws away his employee ID card from a large company that guarantees him a solid career and returns to the academy which brought a dramatic turnaround in his life. After reading the unfamiliar feelings of Hye-jin, who vehemently opposed the love signals, he begins to go straight ahead.

Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Jun Lock Gazes In Latest Posters From “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon”

In the photos unveiled, the secret glances they secretly exchange suggest that feelings different from before are blooming between them.

The breathtaking tension between Seo Hye-jin and Lee Jun-ho captured in a classroom with the lights off amplifies the excitement. Two people standing close together in the dark. Seo Hye-jin’s embarrassed face, frozen in Lee Jun-ho’s arms, clearly shows his inner feelings about the change that has come.

In the previously released teaser, Seo Hye-jin confessed her emotions by saying, “I care about you,” and Lee Jun-ho revealed that Seo Hye-jin was her “first love.” Attention is focused on where the two people will reach when they deviate from the planned emotional path.

The Midnight Romance In Hagwon photo a

Jeong Ryeo Won said, “This is my first time working with actor Wi Ha-jun, and he has a lot of charm. He is serious and mature. In reality, he is more gentle than the character Lee Jun-ho. So we discussed together on set and filmed with a lot of reliance on each other,” she said, raising expectations for a special chemistry.

Wi Ha Jun said, “Jung Ryeo-won is really bright and good. Thanks to this, I was really comfortable acting from the beginning of filming. He expressed his trust in Jeong Ryeo-won, saying, “Seeing how passionate she always was, I pledged to work harder.” He added, “As I received unexpected reactions and expressions and expressed the emotions of Lee Jun-ho’s character, I was able to come up with many unexpected good scenes.

He also described Seo Hye-jin’s character as a ‘driving force’ and said, “Through Seo Hye-jin, Lee Jun-ho learns about true love. “She is also the person who helps Lee Jun-ho grow into a better man and a better educator,” raising expectations for a special relationship.

The Midnight Romance In Hagwon will premiere at 9:20 pm on May 11th, following Queen of Tears.

Source: Sports Donga