The ”Mysterious” Case of INFINITE Dongwoo’s Missing AirPod Gives Fans Goosebumps

Dongwoo from INFINITE has shared an intriguing story about his lost AirPod.

The incident dates back to two years ago when the idol lost his AirPod in Korea. However, what makes this story puzzling is that the missing AirPod has mysteriously reappeared, and it’s now even following Dongwoo around.

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INFINITE Dongwoo Missing Airpods

What adds an extra layer of intrigue to this is the AirPod’s unexpected journey from Korea to Macau. Astonishingly, it managed to find its way to a concert venue where INFINITE performed.

This has raised concerns that a sasaeng fan might have stolen Dongwoo’s AirPod and held onto it all this time. The story is giving netizens goosebumps.