The Next Lisa? YG Unveils Visuals of Chiquita, BABYMONSTER’s 1st Thai Member

Ahead of BABYMONSTER’s debut on November 27, YG Entertainment unveils the visuals of Thai member Chiquita

On November 13th, YG Entertainment released “BABYMONSTER – VISUAL FILM | CHIQUITA” and ‘BABYMONSTER – VISUAL PHOTO | CHIQUITA’ consecutively on their official platforms.

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In these, Chiquita immediately captivated attention with an unapproachable aura. In particular, she sported orange-colored hair, black and red street fashion, and high-top shoes, adding a trendy charm.


Chiquita, born in 2009, is the youngest member of BABYMONSTER. She is from Thailand, and thus is expected to become YG’s next-generation artist following BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Recognized for her innate star quality and solid musical abilities, Chiquita joined the BABYMONSTER project just three months after becoming a trainee, showcasing boundless potential.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is YG’s first girl group, who will make their debut seven years after BLACKPINK. With a multinational lineup from Korea, Thailand, Japan, and outstanding vocal, dance, rap, and visual abilities, they are gaining attention as a “monster rookie” in K-pop. 


Even before their debut, BABYMONSTER’s official YouTube channel has garnered 3.17 million subscribers, with over 450 million cumulative views. Billboard has recognized them as “K-pop artists to watch,” anticipating that they will create a new wave in the K-pop genre.

BABYMONSTER has been confirmed to debut on November 27. The music video, shot over five days, concentrates YG’s accumulated know-how to highlight each member’s individuality and the team’s identity. YG stated that they will accelerate the late-stage work to present the best results by the official debut date.

Source: Nate