The Price of Seventeen Wonwoo’s Keyboard Merchandise


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120,000 KRW = ~$90 USD

It’s cheaper than expected. 


-That seems like a quite reasonable price for a mechanical keyboard, though?  I want to buy it too… Even if I’m not his fan, can I still buy it?

-The keyboard is really cheap???

-The price seems alright. Mechanical keyboards are usually expensive.

-It’s cheaper than my keyboard. I chose mine among the cheap ones, so the price is really okay.

-It’s so cheap… I’m not a fan, but I really want it.

-Is a mechanical keyboard normally expensive? After reading the main text and seeing that the keyboard is 120,000 KRW, it seems cheap. What’s the difference between that and a regular keyboard??

-It’s pretty. I thought it would be very expensive because it’s goods, but the price is actually better than I expected.

-It’s so cheap for a goods… Even my keyboard that I’m using at home is 200,000 KRW… 

-Wow, mine is 150,000 KRW, and it’s not even considered a good one.

-I’m buying it.

-It’s so cheap. I want to buy it too.

-I thought it would be expensive because it’s goods, but it’s cheaper than I thought.

-Considering the prices of custom keyboards, this seems cheaper than expected?

-It would be nice if my favorite group also released something like this.

-It seems cheap for a keyboard, but considering it’s idol merchandise, it’s actually quite expensive.

-It’s a shame it doesn’t have a numeric keypad; I want to buy it.

-Are keyboards originally expensive? I thought this was expensive, but everyone says it’s cheap. This is the first time I’ve heard that such keyboards are extremely expensive.

-It’s really pretty.