“The reason Korean women are reluctant to give birth…” BBC journalist’s speech sparks discussion


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Mackenzie stated about the reasons why Korean women are reluctant to give birth, “Korean women give up childbirth because they understand the reality of what it means to become a mother in Korea. If awareness of reality prevents childbirth, then what needs to change is ‘reality’ itself.”

She continued, “Many women are faced with situations where they cannot afford childbirth, such as long working hours and having to choose between childbirth and a career. Apart from these situations, many women would have willingly chosen pregnancy and childcare.”

She also said, “What they wanted was not more government support. They wanted a change in the reality where they can have more flexible working hours, where spouses can also share childcare responsibilities, and where they do not have to choose between home and work.”


-Even foreigners know. Only the Korean government and Korean men don’t.


-No matter how many times you say it, it’s totally meaningless in this countryㅋㅋㅋ

-Frankly, everyone knows that. They just pretend not toㅋㅋㅋ

-Why does everyone seem to not understand that it’s not about money? It’s because of the reality where women bear the burden of childcare and household chores, even while working. That makes them reluctant to get married and give birth. 

-Even if you say the same thing over and over again, they won’t listen.

-I bet the government will just miss the point and think, “So we need to strengthen childcare support by making it easier to hire babysitters from foreign countries at a low cost.” What a joke.

-The least the government can do about this is implementing flexible working hours. 

-We should just go extinct at this point. These have been pointed out for ages, but everyone pretends not to know. 

-Besides, it’s really hard to find someone who’s willing to share childcare these days. It’s not about not wanting to have children. Living life is already hard enough. 

-That’s true. In addition, the prejudice against Korean men is growing due to dating violence, revenge porn, and sex trafficking. 

-Let’s be honest, for South Korea to survive, the government needs to immediately educate people about the importance of human rights, even if it has to be done forcibly through law. As long as the word “feminism” is treated like hate, there is no future for Korea.

-Let’s just study foreign languages so that we can escape this country when it collapses. 

-True. Why bother having a children if it means I have to give up everything in my life?