The Reason Why LE SSERAFIM Gets Positive Reactions On Site


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On site, the AR and live band performances hide their singing skills. That’s why the audiences couldn’t notice it. The catastrophe was only revealed through Youtube live broadcasting. 

Just so you know, foreigners have taste, so when watching YouTube live, comments like ‘OMG bad voice’ come up.


-Maybe they need a concept change other than the fierce one.

-But I don’t see much difference between the YouTube live video and the actual performance…? Even on the fan cam, it sounds like they couldn’t do some parts well.

-Their gestures are too excessive, they should’ve learned from senior groups… Looks like they’re dancing out of control.

-If it’s like that on the fan cam, I wonder if they performed even better at the venue… Fan cams usually make live performances sound better.

-We should ban AR in all music broadcasts…

-Wow, this is really interesting, how can this happen.

-Ah, AR is basically a scam.


-Ah… so that’s why they were confident.

-I wonder if they don’t practice singing or if they practice but it just doesn’t work out.

-But did they sing a Korean song?? I only hear “Hwall hwall hwall”…

-They should watch this video themselves.

-It seems like this song is popular, everyone’s singing along.

-Normally, you can’t tell if the performance is good or bad at the venue because of the echo.

-It seems like they only focused on dance practice…

-Wow, there’s a big difference between the live performance on site and the broadcast…

-So that’s why they were confident.