The Release Date for RM’s Solo Album is the Same as New Jeans’ Comeback Date


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It’s very cheap of HYBE to release RM’s solo album on the same date as New Jeans’ album release date… Not to mention that they said they will also support New Jeans’ comeback.

On May 26th, Big Hit Music, under HYBE label, announced through Weverse and BTS’ official accounts that RM’s 2nd Solo Album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’ will be simultaneously released on May 24th at 1PM. 

This is HYBE. We’d like to provide guidance regarding legal actions to protect the rights of New Jeans. New Jeans is set to continue various activities, including the release of a new music video on the upcoming 27th and double single releases in May and June. We will do our best to support New Jeans’ comeback activities without any disruption.

New Jeans’ was announced on March 26th. 

RM’s was announced yesterday.

It’s getting chaotic here…

-BTS’ fans are pissed as well to hear this. We f*cking hate HYBE. 

-He prepared his music so that his fans wouldn’t get bored when he’s in the army. But these HYBE bastards use his music for their own fights. It’s seriously hopeless. Wake up.

-HYBE shamelessly using BTS and their fans… It’s so disgraceful. Min Heejin’s words were confirmed right away. 

-RM is also a victim here. HYBE is so shameless.

-This is really disrespectful to RM. 

-Do they really have to go this far?

-HYBE is using BTS again. It’s sickening. 

-RM must be so annoyed to hear this. 

-It’s really pathetic of HYBE to use BTS and their fans like this. Disgusting. 

-That is very HYBE-like of them. Can’t you see who the real problem here is?

-They’re so petty…

-Why are they doing this? The intention is so obvious…

-Leave the artists out of your fights