The standing section at Hanteo Music Awards descended into chaos


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Since there are no designated areas, people are gathering towards the singer’s seats.

Many singers are also worried, and some even expressed their concerns directly on stage. Yoon Do-hyun seemed quite angry while speaking…


-What were they thinking not dividing the sections?

-Not dividing the standing section is a big mistake. It’s frustrating how even though they keep telling people to move back, some fans aren’t moving.

-The organizers are idiots…

-It’s such a mess, even the singers seem really worried.

-They should have divided the sections. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this.

-The singers sitting there look so concerned. It’s scaryㅠ Everyone, please watch the concert safely…ㅠㅠ

-Have they forgotten about the Itaewon tragedy..?

-Who came up with this layout? It’s like a madman’s idea.

-There are even over 1,000 people in Section A… It’s surprising that there haven’t been any accidents.

-Even if they divided the sections, people would still cluster together. Who’s the lunatic who didn’t divide the sections despite it being all standing?

-It’s too dangerous, ㅜㅜ

-Who’s the genius who divided the sections like that? If you divide it like that, it’s a disaster waiting to happen…

-They should have divided the sections; if they just leave the standing area wide open like that, it’s predictable that people will cluster together.