“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” Presents Bae In Hyuk As 21st Century Stoic King

Bae In Hyuk is a tough-minded man who prioritizes logic over emotions and presents a fateful romance in The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract!

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The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is adapted from a popular webcomic of the same name into a romance fantasy series revolving around a girl from the Joseon period who
travels to modern times. Park Yeon-owo, (Lee Se Young), a lady from an influential family in the 19th century, suffers a sad fate and gets thrown into a well. She then wakes up in the year 2023 and ends up in a fake marriage with a man who looks like her ex-husband (Bae In Hyuk).

To be directed by Park Sang Hoon (My Secret Terrius), penning the script is Wife Scandal writer, Go Nam-jung.

“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” Shows Lee Se Young In Character As Joseon Confucian Girl

The Story of Park's Marriage Contract couple poster

In the drama, Bae In Hyuk plays the role of Kang Tae-ha, the vice-president of SH Group who prioritizes logic over emotions, and exudes a new charm that has never been seen before.

Due to childhood trauma and an inherited heart disease, he has lived as a ‘voluntary single person’ without giving his emotions to anyone. One day, he suddenly begins to change when he meets Park Yeon-woo (Lee Se-young), an eccentric woman who claims to be from the Joseon era.

Accordingly, a first look at his character was revealed in photos that show Kang Tae-ha defining charisma. His sharp and piercing eyes, while staring at someone with an expressionless face and cold gaze arouses curiosity.

The actor also shared his reason for choosing the project. He also relays details about his character.

I read the script for the first time and thought that the story was fresh and I thought I could show a different face from the ones I showed before. Kang Tae-ha is a cool-headed and cold character, so I thought deeply about the reason why he does not open his heart to people. In particular, in order to express a cold character, I tried to exclude accents or emotional tones in the beginning.”

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is scheduled to air for the first time in November.

Source: enews IMBC