The Superpower Possessed by “Moving” Han Hyo Joo in Real Life 

Han Hyo Joo actually has a superpower off the screen 

“Moving,” a superhuman action series, follows children living in secrecy with hidden superpowers and parents who have concealed painful pasts, as they confront a massive danger transcending eras and generations.

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han hyo joo

Han Hyo Joo portrays Im Mi Hyun, a superhuman with extraordinary sensory abilities like vision, hearing, and smell in the series. The actress may not possess such abilities in real life, but she claims to have a remarkable superpower of her own.

Her unique ability is the ability to change clothes quickly. Han Hyo Joo claims she can change an entire outfit in just 30 seconds. The staff also attests to her incredible speed in changing clothes. They joke that if there were an Olympic event for this, Han Hyo Joo or her agency mate, Kim Go Eun, would undoubtedly win the gold medal.

han hyo joo

In “Moving,” Han Hyo Joo’s character, Im Mi Hyun, was an elite agent with exceptional skills, even becoming the youngest ever to pass the Ministry of Justice exam in the past. However, in the present, she conceals her abilities and runs a pork cutlet restaurant, raising her son Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha) as a single mother.

In earlier episodes, Mi Hyun’s abilities were not showcased as she leads an ordinary life. This left viewers longing to see her actively use her powers.

han hyo joo

Finally, in episode 17 released last week, when her son Bong Seok faces danger, Mi Hyun uses all her powers to confront the enemies. Han Hyo Joo’s portrayal of this powerful Mi Hyun, reminiscent of John Wick, thrilled viewers.

Throughout the series, Han Hyo Joo captivated the audience with her sweet, romantic acting opposite Jo In Sung. In the upcoming last episode to be released on September 20th, she is expected to once again capture the hearts of viewers as she unleashes her long-restrained abilities to protect her son.

han hyo joo

Source: Daum