The Surprising Hidden Helper Behind FiftyFifty’s US Success Revealed

In an intriguing turn of events, the hidden force propelling the rise of FIFTY FIFTY in the United States has been unveiled.

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In an exclusive report by Munhwa Ilbo, it has been revealed that Kim Se Hwang, renowned as the legendary guitarist of bands such as N.EX.T and NovaSonic, played a pivotal role in driving the girl group’s activities in the US.

A Heartfelt Perspective 

Kim Se Hwang, who assumed the role of COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Attrakt USA alongside CEO Jeon Hong Joon, engaged in high-level meetings with various local entities, including Warner Music’s US headquarters.

Their purpose was clear: to meticulously prepare for FIFTY FIFTY’s American venture.Hailing from Los Angeles, Kim Se Hwang shared,

“CEO Jeon had plans to penetrate the US market. An acquaintance facilitated our introduction. I’ve been friends with CEO Jang Se Ik for 30 years, who was my manager during N.EX.T’s endeavors. I’m actively involved in activities, collaborations, promotions, and consultations with local US companies. Currently, we are in the process of curating songs for an upcoming girl group project.”

Kim Se Hwang, closely collaborating with CEO Jeon, emphasized his commitment to realizing Jeon’s grand vision. He stated, “CEO Jeon is envisioning a significant canvas, and I am dedicated to ensuring that this artistic masterpiece is executed flawlessly.”

Kim Se Hwang

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However, amidst this revelation, Kim Se Hwang expressed his disappointment regarding the ongoing dispute between Attrakt and FIFTY FIFTY.

He recalled a poignant moment during CEO Jeon’s visit to LA for business purposes when Jeon sought to secure a lavish residence for the girl group during their US activities.

Kim Se Hwang recounted, “I asked him, ‘Why are you looking for such an expensive and luxurious residence?’ To which he responded,“Our artists are far from home, working in a foreign land, I want them to rest in a comfortable place when they return from their busy schedules.’ At that moment, I sensed the deep care and concern CEO Jeon held for his artists.”


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Kim Se Hwang’s impressive career achievements also merit attention. In 2014, he made history as the first Korean artist to have his guitar displayed at Hollywood’s RockWalk, a renowned hall of fame honoring musical legends.

In 2018, he received the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Commendation for his exceptional contributions to the overseas export endeavors of Korean music artists.

Kim Se Hwang’s pivotal role in FIFTY FIFTY’s ascent in the United States unveils the intricate web of talent, dedication, and collaboration behind the scenes of the music industry.