The Sword of Aramun” episode 1

EXO Suho wrapped up the first scene of “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun” as actor Kim Jun Myeon.

In tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun” (written by Kim Young Hyun, Park Sang Yeon, directed by Kim Kwang Sik), which first aired on Sep 9th, the story of the ancient land of Arth was depicted.

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suho exo Arthdal Chronicles

Jun Myeon, who transformed into a mysterious man, had a detached expression on his gorgeous jade-like face and began the chronicle, “I recount the history of blood and tears, the record of the kingdom of Arthdal. The alliance ended, and Tagon ascended to the throne.” His detached expression, akin to humility in the face of the immense storm called history, was both poignant and filled with anticipation for the story to come.

Meanwhile, “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun” begins now with the myth of Arthdal written by the sword’s owner! It tells the fateful stories of Tagon, Eunseom, Tanya and Tae Alha writing different legends in the ancient land of Arth.

Source: Nate