The thing that “Marry My Husband” viewers can relate

It’s only fun when Song Hayoon and Lee Yikyung appear.

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The lead characters’ love scene is the time to either use the bathroom or check your phone.

-It’s fun when the main character gets satisfying revenge on the villains, but when only the main character appears, the tension drops and it becomes boring.

-I’d rather be overstimulated than bored, dopamine kicks inㅋㅋㅋ Lee Yikyung’s acting is good, but it’s annoyingㅋㅋ

-Can’t relate… The romance storyline is good and excitingㅇㅇ If Yu Jihyeok’s character wasn’t there, it would have been like a messy morning drama, probably wouldn’t have watched.

-Until the middle, Lee Yikyung’s acting was so compelling that I watched it, but now I’m just waiting for Na Inwoo ㅋㅋ During that time, Na Inwoo felt like a third-party, so it felt awkward, but now that the romance has kicked in, it’s so fun, yesterday’s episode was the best.

-It’s not that bad, it’s just that Song Hayoon’s acting is amazing. And although I dislike Park Minyoung, she’s properly portraying the transformation of her character who stands alone. Spoiler alert, but as she navigates through the realization and transformation from her past relationships, she’s not relying on help like Cinderella but instead striving to stand independently and make her own decisions.

-The romance is boringㅇㅇ Not thrilling, just boring. I watch it because Lee Yikyung is funny.

-I like the revenge part, and I also like the romance, but I don’t understand why people are complaining so much. It’s adapted much better than the original, and I like the male lead character. Na Inwoo is doing so well, so I’m really enjoying it. There are probably many people watching for the villains, but there are also people like me who are just watching for the romance.

-Ugh no, it’s only fun when the main characters appear.

-If there’s no romance here, it’s seriously just a chaotic makjang drama.