The truth behind Taylor Swift and MLB Padres Kim Ha Seong dating rumors

Rumors of a romantic relationship between pop star Taylor Swift and baseball player Kim Ha Seong drew attention

On September 14th, reporter Al Scott posted on X (formerly Twitter) saying “Singer Taylor Swift and Padres infielder Kim Ha Seong have been ‘quietly hanging out’, per multiple sources”. There were no other articles about this dating news except for Al Scott’s post.

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What’s even more absurd is that in June, Devine Sports Gospel once reported that Taylor Swift and Kim Ha Seong had broken up.

Taylor Swift Kim Hasung

In fact, this romance rumor was created according to a meme about Taylor Swift’s frequent romantic relationship news. Earlier on the 12th, Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating Travis Kelce, an American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL).

According to reports, Kelce failed to get Taylor Swift’s phone number after attending one of her concerts. However, they eventually exchanged numbers and became a couple after frequent talks. 

The news was first posted by the X account Pop Base and the post quickly became a “template”. Since then, X users have started using similar content to make memes about Taylor Swift dating someone quietly.

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Various entertainers and sports stars have become the main characters of this meme. Some even made memes with the animated character Alvin and “Stranger Things” Will Byers.

The reason this meme became viral is that Taylor Swift has been embroiled in numerous dating rumors. The female singer has officially and unofficially dated almost 10 men. Since Kim Ha Seong recently gained recognition in the US, netizens also made him join this meme trend. As a result, the post about Taylor Swift and Kim Ha Seong attracted keen attention, with over 510,000 views and 668 retweets within less than 24 hours.

Source: Daum