“The Tyrant” Thrills With Gripping Poster and Trailer

Disney+ is about to unleash The Tyrant, a heart-pounding chase thriller!

We got a taste of the action with a killer poster featuring Ja-kyung (played by Jo Yoon Su), a steely-eyed techie tasked with stealing a super-soldier serum called the “Tyrant Program.” The poster hints at a crazy free-for-all as different factions scramble to get their hands on this last sample.

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The newly released trailer throws us headfirst into the action with a mysterious delivery mishap on a rain-soaked night. Turns out, the missing package is the one and only remaining sample of the “Tyrant Program”! From Im Sang (Cha Seung Won), a seemingly ordinary janitor with a hidden motive, to the program’s mastermind designer Choi Guk-jang (Kim Seon Ho), everyone’s scrambling to get a piece of the action.

There’s even a shadowy figure named Paul (Kim Kang Woo) hot on their heels, adding another layer of intrigue to the whole situation. Get ready for a nonstop adrenaline rush as Ja-kyung and the rest of the cast fight tooth and nail to secure the program – the tagline “The madness begins” couldn’t be more fitting!

So, mark your calendars! The Tyrant explodes onto Disney+ on August 14th, with all four episodes dropping at once. This looks like a wild ride set in the “Park Hoon-jung Universe,” so get ready for a binge-worthy adventure you won’t want to miss!