“The Victims’ Game” Is Back With Gruesome 2nd Season, Trailer Hints Horrifying Crimes and Unexpected Twists

Netflix’s first renewed Chinese-language series, The Victims’ Game, unveils a chilling new season with its latest trailer.

Premiering on June 21, the new episodes depict a series of gruesome serial crimes where each victim has an organ violently removed. The season intensifies as the murderer targets a group of rebellious teen runaways.

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Forensic detective Fang Yi-jen, driven by his belief that every crime scene holds the truth, becomes the prime suspect in several cases, including the throat-slitting death of pop singer Yuan Chi-ling and a 15-year-old case involving his mentor.

Actor Chang Hsiao-chuan, who portrays Fang, describes the challenge of portraying his character’s transformation from a genius detective to a prime suspect and the effort required to suppress his emotions.

The trailer also introduces Golden Melody award-winning singer Karencici in her acting debut as the first murder victim, Yuan Chi-ling. Having previously contributed to the show’s end credit song, Karencici is excited about her new role. She is joined by other notable actors such as Tseng Jing-hua, Buffy Chen, Liu Tzu-chuan, and more.

The Victims’ Game: Season 2, starring Chang Hsiao-chuan, Hsu Wei-ning, Wang Shih-hsien, Tarcy Su, Dean Fujioka, Moon Lee, Lau Chun-him Terrance, and Chang Tsai-hsing, is produced by Hank Tseng, Phil Tang, and Hsu Kuo-lun, and directed by David Chuang and Chen Kuan-chung.

The highly anticipated second season returns on June 21, exclusively on Netflix.