The whole story of Kim Hyeyoon and her company controversy

by Reporter Nam Hyeyeon

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Kim Hyeyoon’s side: “When her activities became controversial, she considered offering explanations. However, she didn’t want to harm anyone, neither her former nor current company. She needed time because what people were saying wasn’t true.”

Drama’s side: “After finishing the drama and changing companies, there was a delay in getting everything organized with her new team. Kim Hyeyoon is the most distressed one in this situation.”

Kim Hyeyoon is also upset regarding this controversy. She wanted to clear up the misunderstandings about her situation, but she waited for the right time because she worried she might cause another misunderstanding. Above all, she felt sorry for her new company. 

Kim Hyeyoon is in full swing from this month onwards. According to MyDaily, she has already finished a photoshoot, confirmed written interviews with international media, and set to appear on a Youtube show. Furthermore, she plans to have interviews after the drama ends. It’s expected that she will directly address the recent controversy by then.

A drama official told MyDaily, “We didn’t expect the drama to become so popular. In Byun Wooseok’s case, he plans to do various things like fan meetings after this drama ends. He had prepared a lot even before the drama started.” They added, “Kim Hyeyoon’s situation was different. Her plans are uncertain since she recently just changed companies. After finishing ‘Lovely Runner’, there were delays in discussing various matters. It doesn’t mean that they’re not doing their job, it’s just that the process of handing over and adjusting took a little bit longer.”

‘Lovely Runner’ is currently gaining popularity. The lead, Byun Wooseok, has revealed various schedules from fan meetings to appearances on entertainment show amidst his peak popularity. However, the issue arose when the schedule of his co-star, Kim Hyeyoon, was not disclosed. The issue started with posts on online communities, and it became a bigger issue as her schedules couldn’t be disclosed. 

Another official said, “We didn’t expect this to become a controversy and esclate this quick. It was a mistake made during the transition from her previous company to her current one. It was difficult to explain as it wasn’t something we had been working on together from the start of the drama.”

While the controversy has been resolved, it still hurt the actors. 

Another insider said, “In the end, Kim Hyeyoon wanted to clarify everything. That’s why she posted a picture on her SNS. However, this was also misunderstood as her working alone without the support of her company. It was a tough day for Kim Hyeyoon, but she’s grateful for the interest she has been gaining.”

-What did she do wrong? All of this happened because of some weird people

-This is seriously so frustrating… Please leave her alone

-How did this become so big?? This whole situation only hurt her and her fans. What’s the fault of the others who got dragged into this??

-It hasn’t even been a month since she moved into her new company. It doesn’t make sense for her new company to neglect her, does it?? 

-Yeah… People are overreacting. 

-Kim Hyeyoon is suffering because of some weird people… Instead of whining, they should just trust and support whatever she does. 

-It must’ve been awkward for her to be in that position…

-Why is this happening again?

-It must’ve been tough for her. Stay strong, Kim Hyeyoon. 

-I can’t imagine how awkward for Hyeyoon to be in the middle of all thisㅠㅠ 

-Fighting, Hyeyoon. She should be enjoying the success of her drama, but instead, she’s suffering because of some weirdos…

-Those people made a fuss over nothing. 

-Hyeyoon, don’t be upsetㅠㅠㅠ