THEBLACKLABEL Staff Injured in Terrifying Set Accident — Will This Halt the Girl Group Debut?

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Reports surfaced on February 28th detailing a distressing incident involving staff members of THEBLACKLABEL, a renowned entertainment company in South Korea.

A cameraman and four staff members were injured as the second floor of a three-story building collapsed, resulting in a harrowing 6-meter fall.

The Incident Unfolds

The accident, which occurred at an abandoned factory in Gyeonggi-do, took place during preparations for a photoshoot for the agency’s trainees. THEBLACKLABEL, known for nurturing talents such as Taeyang, Jeon Somi, and Park Bo Gum, was shaken by the unexpected turn of events.



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Injuries and Hospitalizations

Among the injured, a man in his 40s and another in his 30s sustained major head injuries, requiring urgent medical attention.

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They were swiftly transported to the regional trauma center at Ajou University Hospital. Additionally, two other staff members, a man and a woman in their 20s, suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Authorities, still piecing together the circumstances, revealed that the filming was for trainees rather than the label’s established artists. A police official stated, “It is difficult to provide detailed information as we have yet to conduct a full investigation.”

Potential Charges Await

The police have indicated plans to press charges of negligence if safety regulations were found to be disregarded at the filming site. As the incident unfolds, the entertainment industry and fans alike await further developments.

The gravity of the situation, THEBLACKLABEL has not issued an official statement at the time of reporting. Speculation mounts among netizens, with many suggesting that the filming was linked to the anticipated debut of THEBLACKLABEL’s upcoming girl group.

Meanwhile, Speculation arises over the possibility of a chaebol joining THEBLACKLABEL’s new girl group, fueled by photos of trainees, including Annie Moon of the Shinsegae Group.

Despite inquiries, the agency remains tight-lipped, promising details at a later date. THEBLACKLABEL, home to notable artists like Jeon Somi and Taeyang, maintains secrecy surrounding its upcoming lineup.