Theories Involving BLACKPINK Jennie, Achievements Under Expectations, and Sales Deduction

BTS V’s solo debut has been met with mixed opinions and controversies for various reasons.

One controversy revolves around BTS V’s achievements as a soloist not matching his immense popularity as one of the most popular members of BTS. 

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bts v solo

Despite the anticipation surrounding his solo debut, V’s first released solo song from the album, “Love Me Again,” did not achieve the expected success. The title track, “Slow Dancing,” received less than 10 million views within 24 hours of its release, which is relatively low considering V’s fame within the BTS fandom. Additionally, his rankings on domestic charts have been modest and have shown slow growth.

Internationally, BTS fans have been striving to stream and increase sales to help the group and its members rank on Billboard charts. This objective has gained even more significance, particularly after Jimin and Jungkook topped Hot 100.

bts v solo

However, with the current reaction and the level of exposure for V’s album “Layover,” many predict that it will face challenges in making an immediate impact in the US market. Furthermore, V faced criticism during a recent livestream for allegedly using a racially discriminatory term while singing along to a rap song.

Another controversy arose when Hanteo deducted a significant number of album sales from V’s first-day sales due to “statistical violations.” This deduction disappointed fans, as V had initially set a record for the highest-selling K-pop soloist. The incident sparked mixed reactions, with fans expressing their discontentment over the deduction and the handling of album distribution.

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Moreover, V’s alleged involvement with his rumored girlfriend BLACKPINK’s Jennie has also fueled controversies. Although some fans have accepted and respected his private life, others have expressed their disapproval of him dating Jennie. Speculations about V’s feelings for Jennie have been fueled by lyrics in his songs and visual references in his MVs.

Some have pointed out compelling evidence to support these claims. In the song “For Us,” V writes, “I will give up everything for us,” fearlessly expressing his devotion, much like the hand-holding incident that defied public opinion in the heart of Paris. 

The “Rainy Days” MV is filled with images that evoke memories of Jennie, and even the “Slow Dancing” MV was released shortly after Jennie shared photos at a location similar to where V filmed his MV. All of these elements contribute to the growing belief that there is a romantic connection between them, sparking a multitude of conflicting opinions among fans.

Source: K14