ADOR and their affiliated group NewJeans have donated the entire proceeds from university festivals to the Korea Scholarship Foundation.

ADOR and NewJeans stated, “We received a lot of strength and love while performing at seven university festivals over the past week. We wanted to give back the love we received to university students in need. We are grateful for this opportunity.”

The entire donation from ADOR and NewJeans will be used to support living expenses and housing costs for low-income university students.

The Korea Scholarship Foundation expressed their gratitude, saying, 

“We thank ADOR and NewJeans for their commitment to donating for economically disadvantaged university students. We will do our best to help students in difficult circumstances continue their studies stably, and we hope that the scholarship recipients will carry forward the spirit of giving and become members of society who practice the virtuous cycle of sharing.”

NewJeans performed at Korea University on the 25th, Chosun University on the 27th, Dong-Eui University and Pusan National University on the 28th, Dongguk University and Sejong University on the 30th, and Chung-Ang University on the 31st. 

Their performances, which included new songs like “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum” along with a parade of hit songs, received enthusiastic responses.

NewJeans’ “How Sweet” ranked first in both the weekly popular songs and music videos categories on the YouTube Music Chart (for the period of May 24-30) in Korea. 

Globally, it ranked second in weekly popular songs and ninth in music videos, demonstrating worldwide interest.

CR: Allkpop

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