“My wife went out for a little and gave me a call

Wife: Where are you? Did you eat??

Me: I’m home, yeah, I just ate

Wife: Who did you eat with??

Me: (..? I’m living with you right?..) I ate alone

Wife: Should I buy a kimbap?? Tuna? Plain?? Pick one

Me: Tuna

Wide: I’ll go buy one tuna and one plain

Me: (Why did you ask..?) Ok..

Am I weird for being stressed out by this conversation? Honestly.

I didn’t make it obvious to my wife

> Rather than annoyed, I’d feel a bit stressed..

> This is just a meaningless conversation”

1. What’s the issue here?

2. If she texted me that way, I’d be so annoyed

3. The wife seems to be the type of person to just say anything randomly

4. What’s problematic about this conversation???

5. I don’t see the issue here🤔

6. It just seemed like the wife wanted to talk to him…

7. I don’t know if she spoke to him like that from time to time but if she always spoke that way, I’d be annoyed too

8. If she texts that way, I’d be a bit annoyed? Even so, isn’t she just saying that she’s gonna get one plain kimbap and one that her husband picked?

9. Isn’t the husband way too sensitive?ㅋㅋ If he gets annoyed at every little thing like this, he’s gonna die of repressed anger;;

10. The second conversation is fine but the first one is weird. He said that he was home so of course he was eating alone. Why would she ask him “with who”?