I received a call from someone who wanted to help style New Jeans members’ accommodations. It was from CEO Min Heejin.


The contact itself was surprising, but what particularly surprised me was that the styling space was the ‘members’ accommodation.’ Although I have styled spaces for various artists, I have never had the experience of incorporating original design pieces into an idol’s dormitory. I think the fact that the agency CEO was trying to decorate the idol members’ accommodations with design furniture was a refreshing shock in itself.

The first meeting with CEO Min and the five members of NewJeans. CEO Min said “Girls, show the furniture you like.”  each member showed us pictures of furniture they had collected on their cell phones. Although they are still young, it is interesting that all five members have different tastes in furniture. What was particularly impressive was that the photos shown were not online reference images, but were taken by themselves with his cell phone. The world’s busiest NewJeans members spent several days looking at and studying furniture with CEO Min.

Rather than identifying the common denominator of the five tastes and finding furniture that reflects them well, the idea was to mix furniture that reflects each member’s tastes in a ‘pretty’ way. Each has its own charm, and if those charms are harmonious rather than conflicting, a mixture can be more attractive than a state in which things are organized under one theme. Rather than chemical compounds, tastes are mixed harmoniously, and there is beauty and order in that mixture. I thought, ‘Maybe that’s how NewJeans members coexists?’

She was the NewJeans mom who taught new things to the members. One day, we spent an hour and a half choosing fabrics for the sofas and dining chairs that the members would sit on every day. The fact that the members’ accommodations are decorated with such care and quality… … It would not be possible without the sincere desire of the members to learn and grow well. By living with original furniture, members will realize, consciously or unconsciously, the powerful influence great design has on life and relaxation.

Watching how CEO Min cares for and develops the NewJeans members, I also thought again about how to care for and grow AndersonC’s team members. CEO-nim, I would like to sincerely thank you for thinking about and decorating these precious spaces with AndersonC.

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1. Min Heejin… Is such an awesome person 

2. Wow this is impressive… You can see the sincerity all the way there

3. Wow the fact that she’s helping them find their own taste at such a young age and allow them to develop their senses like that is so nice, I’m jealous 

4. Wow daebak.. The more I see Min Heejin, the more I realize how cool of an adult she is. What a good CEO. I’m jealous of NewJeans’ members

5. I’m jealous, this is such a good work environment

6. Wow… They’re indeed different

7. Min Heejin is amazing. No matter how much the artists earn in a company, I’ve never seen a company go this far? If you don’t have affection, you’ll never be able to do this 

8. She has motherly love

9. Wow this is a hotel 

10. Wow among all companies CEOs, Min Heejin is the best