TXT’s concert is being held at the Gymnastics Stadium from May 3rd to 5th. 

Based on the seating chart above, the extended stage was utilized 98% of the time, causing fans in sections F1, F2, 1, and 15 to have a less-than-ideal view of the show.

Out of the 25 songs in the setlist, only 3 songs (2 full songs) were performed on the main stage.

For reference, F1 and F2 sections were standing room only

Sections 1 and 15 are VIP sections

Adding a fan’s testimony of the concert

“They used the extended stage a lot as the main stage, but when they went out to the extended part of the stage, I expected it to be seen from behind, but I didn’t expect them to not use the main stage to this extent… And I wanted to see the extended part, but because of the lights shining towards the kids, I couldn’t tell if I was looking at the lights or the kids… The stage is obscured by the structures and covered by the dancers…”

+ Another picture

The dancers and staffs were on the staircase structure

And the members were performing in the middle

1. HYBE pulling off a HYBE

2. I can only let out a curse

3. This is seriously not it

4. This time around, people on the 2nd floor had the best view


It’s a shame because this time, they spent a lot of money on TXT’s concert and it was so high quality. They should’ve done something appropriate for the gymnasium but this was an overkill

6. They should reimburse the fans

7. The view in F2 was honestly oba. If you’re gonna use a tilting structure like that, you should have done it on the main stage

8. People in sections 1,2,14,15 would only be seeing the members’ side profiles and back sides no?

9. If they are gonna do this, they should at least have a 360 stage..

10. Ah I really hate this kind of stage… no matter how big the production is, the audience can’t see anything