Fruity means “gay”

There are a lot of people thinking that she’s taking a jab at Bangtan JK

1. She’s nothing more than an attention seeker

2. She’s trying to provoke people to be relevant. All thanks to this, I’m seeing her face for the first time. Not sure if I’ll recognize her in the future though

3. I don’t even wanna know who she is

4. She definitely got a buzz out of this. If she was still a nobody, she wouldn’t even get hate comments

5. Who..?

6.  Isn’t this a case of someone who wants to be famous but fell too many cubic meters short?

7. Who are you?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Ok and who is she?

9. She was famous 10 years ago but is just a has-been now

10. Are the ARMYs staying still?.. no but seems like we just have to pretend not to know her..ㅋ