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“Kim Jiwoong who never apologized for swearing, withdraw!”
“Kim Jiwoong who is smearing the group, withdraw!”
“WakeOne who is on standby despite the severity of the situation, take responsibility!”
original post: here
1. This is still going on…? ㄷㄷ
2. He’s still not out? Please leave faster
3. Kim Jiwoong is so shameless, he’s getting the group’s image cancelled
4. They’re still going at it?
5. He’s not withdrawn yet??
6. Fighting to the fans ㅠ
7. Withdraw
8. If you can’t kick him out, at least make him go on a hiatus, this is just annoying. Withdraw him. I want the rest to promote without any worries
9. I still remember how this company dealt with the issue, it was so legendary
10. I only pity the members and the fans