Bruno Mars, who returned from a successful two-day concert in Seoul last summer, has reported a somewhat shocking current state of affairs. On the 14th (local time), foreign media such as News Nation cited a source and reported, “Bruno Mars currently owes the MGM Grand Casino $50 million (about 66.9 billion won) in gambling debt.”

An official explained that his debt had reached a serious level, saying, “It is virtually as if MGM owns Bruno.”

Bruno Mars signed a long-term partnership agreement with casino operator ‘MGM Resorts International’ in 2016. According to his contract, he was required to perform regularly at the MGM Resort in Las Vegas, and each time he did so, he visited the casino and enjoyed gambling.

Business Insider, an American business magazine, reported, “Bruno Mars earns about $90 million (approximately 120 billion won) in performance revenue per year through partnerships, but after deducting various taxes, he has to return more money to the casino than he earns.”

Along with this news, Bruno Mars’ past remarks confessing his gambling experience are also attracting attention. In an interview with music media GQ in 2013, he revealed that he was addicted to gambling before achieving success as a singer. Bruno Mars said, “I lost money I couldn’t afford at the time. “When you are weak, they (casinos) will come after your money,” he said, warning of the dangers of gambling addiction.

News Nation reported that it requested comment from Bruno Mars and MGM, but did not receive a response.

1. If he owes 60 billion won, how much daily interest would that be if he’s just one day late ㅜ

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3. He can pay it back as soon as he cuts off the gambling. Gambling addiction is scary 

4. Hul???????

5. ??????? Wait this is real…???

6. Is this article real? There are lots of fake tabloids in the US 

7. Even with how much he earns, his debts are another level 

8. I can pay everything back in 1 year…. 

9. You can’t just get over gambling addiction like this… It’s a pit

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