Hybe, the agency of BTS, was the first entertainment agency to be designated as a large corporation/conglomerate. Youngone Group, which operates the outdoor brand ‘The North Face’, was also listed as a conglomerate for the first time. Kim Beom-seok, Chairman of Coupang Inc, avoided the designation for a 4th consecutive year.

On the 15th, the Fair Trade Commission announced the results of designating the subject to disclosure. The number of large conglomerates with total assets of KRW 5 trillion or more increased by 6 from 82 last year to 88, and the number of affiliated companies increased by 242 from 3,076 to 3,318.

BTS’s agency, Hybe, became the first to be designated as a conglomerate in the entertainment industry group this year. The CEO is Chairman of the Board of Directors Bang Sihyuk, and the total fair assets are 5.25 trillion won.

1. Let’s inspect (t/n: conglomerates are subject for more rigorous audit/investigations such as stocks ownerships/financial transactions/etc. for reporting)

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