I ordered them according to when they joined the company and they kinda all have similar auras??

Ko Younjung

Hong Suju

Roh Yoonseo

Sung Jiyoung

Baek Yaein

Bae Ganghee

Jo Hyejoo

Jung Dabin

1. I wish that the company would send them on an MT and film a YouTube show

2. But I wish they’d promote their actresses better…ㅠㅠ I like all the actresses…

3. I heard that this company is a family business and they also have a very limited amount of staffs. They are trying to recruit male actors lately but because they have such a small workforce, instead of making self-made contents and things like that, they are focusing more on applying for IPs and paying for acting classes

4. Hul isn’t the fourth one the model for Rom&?

5. Their T-zone is so pronounced

6. Baek Hyunjuㅜ I want to see her in a project soon

7. Is there some hidden big capital over there? The quality of casting is insane. The lineup of actresses is amazing

8. Bae Ganghee really looks so charmingㅠ

9. They all have that fall-mute tone

10. Their taste does look consistent… If Kang Mina and Moon Kayoung join, it would be perfect