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1. Why are people concerned about her…. Your reactions to male celebrities were so different

2. You’d think that people from China or Islam countries are in the comment sections…

3. The fact that her girl group is so unknown and she’s the only one known so they sent her alone here is hmmm…. That small company better treat her well otherwise, I can already see the end…. 

4. The exposure is way too severe? Whether it’s male or female idols I hate seeing those types of outfits at Waterbomb

5. No but the people who are asking why this is problematic because it’s Waterbomb, have you guys lost your minds?… Or am I abnormal 

6. Her smile is freaking refreshing 

7. Her bottom outfit is so bad? Her top is fine, but those ribbons at the bottom are too random 

8. Wow I’m jealous 

9. The kids who are saying that her reactions are different from male idols’ reactions… I really want to smack your heads

10. I wouldn’t say this is severe?