As the conflict between singer Meenoi and her agency AOMG deepens, they are finally taking steps to terminate the contract.

As a result of the Xports News coverage on the 6th, Meenoi and AOMG recently had a communication conflict between the two sides due to the issue of her not participating in advertisements, and were unable to overcome this and began taking steps to terminate her exclusive contract.

Meenoi signed an exclusive contract with AOMG in November of last year, and although the contract period still remains, due to the broken trust between the two parties, they will no longer be able to maintain the relationship and are expected to end the contract.

It is revealed that due to differences in positions between Meenoi and AOMG, an agreement to terminate the contract was not reached. As some are leaving open the possibility of resolving this conflict, attention is being poured onto whether the two sides will be able to restore their relationship and continue their agreed contract.

Meenoi became the center of attention last month when she cried during a personal live broadcast and said, “I committed a sin.” Afterwards, it was revealed that Meenoi had a sudden puncture two hours before filming for a cosmetics brand, and she was embroiled in a ‘no-show controversy’.

AOMG explained that the controversy arose due to a conflict that arose from differences in understanding between each other during the process of signing the contract for filming the advertisement. However, they expressed their intention to resolve the conflict and resume amicable relations, saying, “We have completed a smooth communication with Meenoi.”

However, a month later, Meenoi revealed the entire controversy, saying, “I can’t stand it anymore.” She revealed that she had not been provided with the contents of the advertising contract and that a ‘fake seal’ different from her own was stamped on the contract.

She also requested that the contract conditions be revised, but was unable to coordinate the company, and drew a line by saying that the ‘no-show controversy’ related to the commercial filming was not her will.

In addition, AOMG released the contents of the conversation with Meenoi through an exclusive report with a media outlet this morning, which turned into a muddy fight.

1. Ha…

2. This is why the Dispatch article came out today 

3. I feel like company was the one who couldn’t stand her anymore 

4. Then spit out the penalty cash and leave… 

5. Pay your penalty fee 

6. How far will her power trip go?

7. The company should be the one suing her 

8. Just how did Meenoi succeed before AOMG? They treated her so well and made her so big 

9. Meenoi shouldn’t be the one not being able to stand it anymore, but the company 

10. The company is a saint 


Manager A: Sorry for disturbing you in the middle of the night… Should we cancel the ad shooting..? 

Manager B: What’s the matter?

Manager A: Meenoi just sent me this (screenshot: You don’t have to come)

Manager B: Haha… Let’s try picking her up first

Manager A: Should I call and wake Meenoi up…? 

Manager B: Let’s try picking her up at 9 and send her a Katalk at 8:20. I’ll try calling her at 8:30! 

Manager A: Okㅠ

– Minyoungie isn’t picking up, should we go through with this?


Manager B: Let’s try waiting for her until 9:30am

Manager A: Ok got it, I’ve arrived at her house already

– I rang her bell… I wonder if she’s alright.. Will the shooting be okay… Should we ask..?

Manager B: Yup yup 

Manager A: (photo of them waiting in front of her house) 

Manager B: Fighting ㅠㅠ

Manager A: I’ve pressed (the bell) but she’s not coming out… 

(Photo of her car) 

– That’s her car right? 

1. What a disappointment from Meenoi… 

2. Ah they’re so pitiful sigh ㅠㅠ

3. Why should the managers go so far for her? Meanwhile she’s there driving a Ferrari …

4. The managers are having a hard time 

5. Seriously why are they paying a kid like her 200 million won for an ad? I can’t understand it… The managers are so pitiful 

6. Wow talk about turn of event… I seriously trusted her… What a disappointment 

7. Being a manager is an extreme job..

8. Aigo looking at the managers’ conversations, this doesn’t seem like the first time she’s doing this 

9. So what is she gonna do about all that crying she did on her live?

10. I feel bad for the managers ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ