As a result of the Xports News coverage on the 29th, Lee Jaewook decided not to renew his contract with his current agency, C-JeS Studio, after the expiration in April, and decided to establish a ‘one-man agency’.

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Lee Jaewook signed an exclusive contract with C-JeS Studio in April 2021 and became a popular actor through various activities. After parting ways with C-JeS Studio, it is expected that he will show his presence in various fields by going solo in earnest.

1. Already going one-man agency is a bit… 

2. So that’s why they didn’t block his dating rumors 

3. So are they going to sue or not?? He’s leaving though??

4. Hul but the company was ready to sue for him

5. ?

6. *That* Lee Jaewook with all the talks around him right now?

7. Didn’t the company just announce their legal actions today?

8. He’s still so young and barely has any experience, going as a one man agency is a bit… And he needs to enlist too 

9. What?

10. But even without the dating news, establishing your own agency is way too fast for him