“They said if I didn’t cooperate, I might have to go to the police.”

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In a phone interview with Daily Sports on the 10th, A said, “I was scared because (the Hybe audit team) told me about embezzlement and breach of trust and that I might have to go to the police.”


The problem raised by the Hybe audit team was that stylist team leader A received styling fees from an advertiser. In response to this, ADOR explained that in the advertising world, freelancers are usually in charge of hair, makeup, and styling, and a separate contract is concluded between the advertiser and the freelancer. Adore explained that instead of freelancers, its own styling team handles this. Next, considering industry practices, A received styling fees from advertisers, and ADOR announced that it took into account the fees paid from advertisers when calculating A’s incentives.

ADOR takes issue with the fact that Hybe received money directly from the advertiser. ADOR claims that embezzlement cannot be established as no financial damage was caused to the company as the advertiser paid instead of paying the incentive to A. They then protested that this information was already shared with the Hybe HR and ER departments in February.

Regarding this, A said, “I had a custom of receiving advertising labor costs at my previous company, and ADOR also approved receiving it in exchange for incentives, so I had no idea something like this would happen. I was so scared because they said this was embezzlement and even breach of trust.” 

A said, “I received a call from the Hybe Audit Committee saying that there was a crime or violation during the internal audit and asked to see [my transactions],” and “I told them I had work to do so I asked to postpone it, but they said they could still proceed and file a complaint [against me] and they didn’t need to hear my side of the story, so I ended up telling them.”

She added, “I was talking on the phone on the 4th floor of the office around 7 p.m., I had something to do so I left work at that time, but the audit team was right in front of me. They asked me to cooperate because they could sue me if I didn’t”

A said, “I was told to tell the truth, so I told the truth. I was very scared because the audit team said that the money I received from outsider under non-compete agreement would be considered embezzlement. Then, when I asked if I had to go to the police station, (the Hybe audit team) told me to talk here rather than go to the police station and be investigated. So, I told the truth as it was. The atmosphere itself felt oppressive.”

A said, “(The Hybe audit team) said that if I didn’t submit the laptop as evidence, I might have to go to the police station. So around 10:30 p.m., I went into my house with someone [from Hybe] and took the laptop. They also asked for my phone but I refused.”

“Afterwards, I took a taxi back to the office together and was audited until 12 o’clock.” She added, “I wrote a consent form to use (information assets), but when I told ADOR’s lawyer about this situation, he said it was illegal and said that he would withdraw it for me.”

A expressed, “This is money I received by working on a schedule and with permission, and it’s not some money that CEO Min Heejin paid me as incentive. I just worked hard, but I am so dumbfounded and upset.”

1. Thugs 

2. Is Hybe a gangsters company? Why are they always threatening the employees with their data possession?

3. This is just like what gangs would do, this is insane 

4. I seriously despise Hybe 

5. Goosebumps.. 

6. Even police don’t go this far ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hybe is above the law 

7. Are they the police? Just what merit do they have to do this?

8. Even the police cannot search without a warrant

9. All they do is intimidate… Hybe is insane..

10. Are they crazy f*ckers? Are we really living in 2024?