THE BLACK LABEL’s new girl group, led by producer Teddy, is raising the possibility of including Shinsegae’s only granddaughter. In response, THE BLACK LABEL said on the 6th that “specific details will be released later.”

Recently, photos of alleged THE BLACK LABEL trainees were released online. Among them is Ms. Moon, the only granddaughter of Chairwoman Lee Myung-hee and the eldest daughter of Shinsegae General Manager Jung Yoo-kyung. This led to speculation that Moon was making her debut as a member of a K-pop girl group.

In addition to Moon, the photo also showed Ella Gross, a former child model, and Bailey Sok, a famous dancer.

As curiosity grew about the identity of the new girl group, THE BLACKLABEL responded, “A girl group produced by THE BLACKLABEL is preparing to debut in the first half of this year. Specific details will be released at a later date. We ask for your understanding.” The label expressed caution. They also did not mention if Moon is a member of the group.

1. I don’t care, as long as she’s talented

3. Ah I f*cking hate chaebols

4. If it’s true, I wonder what made her want to become an idol

5. Seems like it’s true

6. No but we don’t even have the confirmed lineup yet and people are already saying all kinds of things ㅜ Even if they are coming out the first half of the year, we don’t know how many they will be…

7. It’s because everyone is in awe if an idol is a golden spoon that she’s debuting now. There are still kids from harsh backgrounds working hard not but since when has becoming an idol some noble and fancy job? Envy of the rich is inevitable in a capitalist society, but nowadays it’s even happening in the entertainment industry

8. Top idols are treated like royalty even when they go abroad. It’s not easy to be treated like that when you’re young and living on your own, so it’s true that it’s becoming a job of nobility. Of course, it’s hard to get up to that level but..

9. If she can become as big as BP, I can understand why she wants to become an idolㅋㅋㅋ

10. How good is an idol’s job that even chaebols are becoming idols now?