Han Ye Seul has tied the knot with her boyfriend!

On May 7, Han Ye Seul uploaded a video on her YouTube channel “Han Ye Seul is,” announcing her marriage to her boyfriend.

In the video, Han Ye Seul joyfully shared, “I’ve been waiting to share this incredibly happy news with all of you… My boyfriend and I have finally registered our marriage.”

She continued, “Right now, as I’m filming this, we are preparing to officially register our marriage, but by the time this video is released, we’ll already be married. So, we are now a legally wedded couple. I’m now a married woman!”

Han Ye Seul added, “To be honest, even while dating, I never thought of us as boyfriend and girlfriend, but rather as lifelong companions. Whether we got married or not wasn’t important to me because I’ve always regarded him as my only soulmate, my best friend in life, and my other half, so I never felt the necessity [to get married].”

Nevertheless, she explained, “The reason we decided to get married is to publicly announce the certainty of our relationship to everyone.” She further shared, “Originally, we planned to register our marriage on May 5, but since it’s Sunday and a national holiday, I don’t know if that’d be possible. Nonetheless, I am now officially a married woman!” She concluded with a light-hearted remark, “We will show you how happily we’re living. I’ll also make sure to feature my husband, who is very shy, in front of the camera in the future!”

A few hours later, Han Ye Seul took to her Instagram to personally share that they had officially registered their marriage. She wrote in Korean, “Ahhhh we registered our marriage today!! Actually, we wanted to do it on Children’s Day, May 5, but it was a public holiday. I guess I wanted to become a May bride because I love spring. Luckily, 7 is also a number that I like, so everything fell perfectly into place and I couldn’t be happier. While on one hand, I wonder what’s so important about the date and the season when marrying the person you love, but to be excited and happy for even such a small decision like this makes me realize that this is what makes life flavorful. These days, I feel so alive, and I’m looking forward to, excited, and grateful for the days ahead for us who have now become one. I’m so grateful and blessed to be able to share this journey together [with you all] and to receive abundant blessings. Thank you.”

Han Ye Seul also added in English, “We just finished marriage registration!! Although we didn’t have any ceremony or even a party, but who cares? We love each other, can’t wait to start another day as husband and wife, and we both are not the ceremonial type! (Thank God!) (But maybe in the future, if we happen to change our mind.) But I can tell you, it was HELLA FUN being married with no hustle and bustle! Anyways, thank you for ALL your blessings and in return, I will happily live the heck out my life!!”

CR: Soompi

1. Nobody know the detailed information about her boyfriend so how can we be sure of it?

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