“I’m a woman but I hope that men will have more international marraiges”

I’m making a lot of money and I’m satisfied with my life, but I don’t really want to get married and I really don’t want to have children. But if everyone acts like me and the birth rate drops below 0.8 and the country continues to decline, after I get old, it would be impossible to guarantee the same quality of life I have right now, right? I hope that the population will be maintained through more international marriages.

I don’t care whether men talk about women in their 30s or whether they like young Vietnamese women or not. I think that if you marry internationally and raise children and work as the head of the household for decades, you should be praised.

Now that the national pension and health insurance are running out, we don’t get to choose the best options out there. Please have more international marriages.

comment: You’re the final boss of selfishness

1. What’s selfish about that?

2. We’re telling you guys to do it~~

3. Why are they mad that we’re congratulating them in their wedding?

4. Even when we support them, they’re mad

5. We support you ^^

6. How is this selfish?

7. Even when we allow them to do it they’re bullsh*ting 

8. They were the ones going around saying “foreigner women are jjang” and now that we’re telling them to keep marrying to them, they’re calling us selfish ㅋ

9. We support international marriage!

10. Why are they mad?

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