“Park Yejin (26, married for 2 years), she’s been living a sweet newlywed life for 2 years

Her husband’s handsome looks are causing her a great amount of stress?!

Park Yejin: Even when the girls know that I’m his wife, they seem unconcerned with my existence

Lee Youngja (MC): How do they get in touch?!

Park Yejin: They would tell him “I miss you”?

– There’s a girl who made a new account just to contact him

– She wouldn’t stop contacting him

MC: Do the other girls do excessive skinship with your husband?

Park Yejin: They tried to kiss him in front of me

– That girl was sitting in front of him

– And she would lean on his/her thighs(?)

MC: We have invited Nikita (the handsome husband) here”

“Handsome husband Nikita

Handsome ever since his youth

MC: Do you think that you’re handsome?”

1. I do acknowledge that he’s handsome.. he’s really handsome but these girls who are trying to approach a married mad have no morals

2. There are so many crazy women aroundㅋㅋㅋ

3. Wow he’s freaking handsome

4. Ugh no matter how handsome someone is, acting like this to someone who’s married is just disgusting

5. He’s indeed handsome

6. I thought that they would introduce an octopus but he’s actually handsome

7. Yah…..

8. I was expecting an octopus but.. omo?

9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah… he’s really handsome but touching a married man is just…

10. Being crazy about men is hopeless…