The name of the album, “An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove,” refers to the opposites of “velvet glove,” which means soft and beautiful, and “iron hand,” which means hard and strong, and captures Jinni’s unique charm that she will show through her solo career.

In the coming October 11th, a showcase will be held in conjunction with the album release, which will be streamed live online on YouTube.

ATOC said, “Jinni’s first EP album ‘An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove’ is an album that stands out with her unique sensibility and charming voice. We are planning to carry out various promotions for fans who have been waiting for a long time, so please look forward to her first solo activity in earnest.”

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1. I hope she gets a good song

2. She stood out the most in NMIXX so I hope that she succeeds. Looking forward to her

3. No but they said that she left due to personal issues so just take it at face valueㅋㅋㅋ what’s so hard to accept?ㅋㅋㅋ Why do you guys must find an assailant and victim?

4. NMIXX is NMIXX and Jinni is Jinni. I hope that they stop sticking them together even though it won’t be easy

5. Jinni fighting~

6. I wonder if she wanted to go solo more than being in a group? She’s a good dancer so I hope she succeeds~

7. Nowadays, when idols have health complications, they usually release a statement and halt all activities… so I don’t think that it was health-related

8. This situation is so-so

9. Seriously, all of this is still too suspicious… but I hope that both NMIXX and Jinni succeed. She’s pretty and full of talents so I hope she gets a good song

10. I’m seriously curious about her “personal issues”