JYP Entertainment has released an official statement regarding TWICE member Nayeon’s debt (alleged default) lawsuit.

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“We have no comment on the case as it has already been finalized and closed and is unrelated to the artist’s entertainment activities,” JYP told Newsen on September 19.

However, we will firmly take legal action against those who defame or insult our artists through speculative articles.”

According to legal circles, the 13th Civil Division of the Seoul Eastern District Court said that a former lover of Nayeon’s mother, Mr. A, filed a lawsuit against Nayeon’s mother and Nayeon for a loan of 600 million won in January last year, but lost.

According to the ruling, Mr. A transferred about 535.9 million won to Nayeon from 2004 to 2016. The court acknowledged that Mr. A transferred more than 500 million won to Nayeon for about 12 years, and that Nayeon received the money in the form of rent, loans, tuition, and communication fees. However, the court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to recognize it as a loan that she was legally obligated to repay.

Mr. A reportedly claimed that Nayeon, who was a singer trainee, promised to pay him back after his debut, but that Nayeon did not fulfill his promise. Mr. A did not appeal after losing the first trial.

1. Nayeon-ah, fighting

2. I feel like it was just her mom’s personal life and they were all normal living expenses…. If you guys want her to repay back the money, then all the couples who break their commonlaw marriage would have to pay back each other everything they’ve paid. It would be a mess..

3. I support Nayeon. I hope that the kids who are swearing at her all get sued

4. If it was a common-law marriage, the property is considered joint property and must be divided when the couple separates. In addition, if it is a common-law marriage, the father must pay for the child’s upbringing, which is even more ridiculous. The legal basis is that the living expenses were judged fairly, so there is no need to repay. It is ridiculous that the daughter, who is not the mother, is getting sued for debt repayment.

5. Aigoㅜ she got her personal lives exposed for nothing

6. Nayeon, fighting!! Sued them all! What’s up with the hate comments?;;;

7. Nayeon fighting! If I were her, I won’t be paying back either. Sigh..

8. The couple should’ve resolved it between themselves. Why drag Nayeon into this?..

9. Mr. A lost the lawsuit, you got your answer thereㅇ

10. He didn’t give them all the money in one shot, he just paid their living expenses here and there