FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena To Attend 2023 Billboard Music Awards + ATTRAKT Reveals Plans To “Reorganize” The Group

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FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena will be attending the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.

On October 29, FIFTY FIFTY’s agency ATTRAKT officially announced that Keena would be attending the upcoming award ceremony, which will be held in the United States next month.

FIFTY FIFTY is nominated for two Billboard Music Awards this year: Top Duo/Group and Top Global K-Pop Song (for their smash hit “Cupid”).

Following Keena’s recent return to the agency, ATTRAKT terminated its exclusive contracts with the other three members of FIFTY FIFTY—Saena, Sio, and Aran—earlier this week. The agency commented, “We have secured clear evidence of tampering collusion between the three members and The Givers representative Ahn Sung Il (SIAHN), and legal action is planned accordingly.”

Meanwhile, the Seoul High Court also recently rejected Saena, Sio, and Aran’s appeal of the original court decision denying their request to suspend their contracts with ATTRAKT. (Keena withdrew her appeal before returning to the agency.)

In its English press release regarding the Billboard Music Awards, ATTRAKT revealed, “Keena will be participating in the Billboard Awards.”

The agency also hinted at its future plans for FIFTY FIFTY by stating, “We plan to reorganize the group and present it to the public together with Keena.”

source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1622737wpp/fifty-fiftys-keena-confirmed-to-attend-2023-billboard-music-awards

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